A Forum Topic for the Blog Train!

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A Forum Topic for the Blog Train!

I would love for there to be a permanent forum topic/string whatever you call it where we could check up on what the current blog train colors and theme are or what the general rules are, etc. I have found that I want to join the blog train and have actually made something for this last one but cannot find where I am suppose to go to become a part of it. Am I the only member who has this problem? I remember seeing the color swatch and theme, even joining the Pin Interest board but have not been able locate the information again. smiley

Hi Liv!

We usually stick the current topic on blog train on the Digital Scrapbook discussion forum. The June one is still on preparing phase and you can find it here. The topic where you post your preview and link to your blog is opened only when the blog train is very close to launch smiley

Thanks Lorien! Will the preview and link topic also be under the Digital Scrapbook discussion forum? I know I sound like a dummy! I guess I expected the topic to always be on the 'front page' or 'home page' of the site so I was just floundering around trying to find it! Thanks again!

Yup, the preview/link to your blog topic will stay at the same place. We don´t have blog codes list, but we ask everybody to link back to that topic so people see the other stops.