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I finished my part and sent it to Marisa and Lorien for QC, whoever has the time:)

Lorien, I think Jessica has the 5 patterned papers and 7 flowers - But I don't see her name after them.

I can do something else in the list - smiley

I am not sure if my post got overlooked or not. My name was not put up for "-4 tematic elements (candies, cupcakes, lollipops, ice-creams, deserts, etc)" but I started working on them and they are completed (I hope that is okay).

I had a blast learning to make the items. smiley

Who should I send them to for QC?

I have received your QC emails and will hopefully get a chance to look at them today.

Should we post our previews when things have been checked out so people can see what we've done? Or should it be a secret?

I would say: show it!

Show it! Ill try to put the previews on the second post, as I did with Dawn´s

I'm going to have to drop out of this project. (I was signed up for 4 thematic elements.) Now that school is over I am swamped with all the things I was putting off taking care of until after school was over.

I'm so sorry I won't get to participate in this! I am excited to see what everyone makes, though.

I can do QC too, email is

I have my part ready for QC. Should I send to Marissa? Please let me know the email to send to.

can I do an alpha? smiley
totally my first time though, so any advice, PLEASE lay it on me! smiley

my idea for the alpha:

Meg, looks like the Alpha will be a perfect addition to any layout - I say go for it! And I admire your spunk in stepping up to do your first Alpha! Way to go. The Tutorial section has a tut by Marisa on doing an Alpha, if you haven't already watched that. There are also some discussion in the forum about saving each individual letter as a separate file - or saving the alpha as one "sheet", so the letters can be "Copied" out and used, as needed. Personally, I save each letter as a separate png file. Hope this makes sense - I'm not good at explanations. I am excited for you!

Here's the glitter preview:

Here's my fasteners/brads preview:

@Meg: Go for the alpha! I am in a hurry now, but will update the assignments posts later.

@Violet: It happens, don´t Worry

@Michelle: Please, send your part to Marisa.

Here's my part: 3patterned papers and well, I made 5 elements instead of 3.

i'll do the papers first and hope that i got the time to do flowers smiley

I have sent my "4 tematic elements" to Michelle for QC

Jessica - Let me know if you don't have time to do the flowers, and I will do them. smiley

Marisa - I love your glitter! Preview is really cool. Love the swirly paperclip.

thanks for the encouragement! smiley I was planning to save them as individual .pngs, hope that's OK with all. If I have time, I'll do a couple different colors combinations smiley

I'm all done smiley where should i send it for qc?

ok, i have options - which do you guys like better?

I like 7 and 8 but then I don't particularly like a messy look. I like the defined look.

@Meg I really like 7 and 8

Though I really think that 1 would be really cute in a little kids/back to school type kit

@Meg, I'm loving #2, it has that doodled stamped look to it, so cool, although you have done a wonderful job on all of them!:)

cool, I'll go with those, thanks for your input! smiley I could also do some other colors, but I'll start there for now smiley if anyone has any requests, let me know! smiley

thanks Sheila! if I have time, I'll produce that one too smiley

Here is a preview of my elements

@ Dawn you passed QC!

@ Jessica you can send to me at

@ Lorien I did email to Marisa!! Thanks

hey guys, can someone share a terms of use that I could copy? smiley

Here is my preview (QCéd by Marisa):

Marisa i didn't get the glitters