not recongnizing my password

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not recongnizing my password

Having problems with my password log in it's not recognizing it, I have to login through the re-set password in order to login.

Any help is greatly appreciated.

Me too have the same problem with Fran. At first I thought maybe I wrongly entered the password, but it happened every time I want to login and only could login using reset password.

I've emailed you both.

The problem is probably that you are entering the wrong username, so I've sent you a reminder email. Let us know if you continue having problems.

Thank-you Mrs. Lerin and you were right it was due to last username 4moi and current user name fran.ny. completely my fault on that part glad you cleared that up, I was almost worried which password to use (from which change of resetting my passwords so many times would I need to use lol. but I figured it out, glad this site doesn't run on generate your own passwords I would have given up and then moved on to a different site) what I now don't get is the profile expectations for gallery I believe I did all of the 3 mentioned but then again laughing at myself, I could be missing something and can only think it lies somewhere within the username which both past and current are in line with full name or pseudonym the last was partial parts of my birth-given last-name and current change is fran. or fran + if you add the .ny to the first spells out the nickname to what the actual name is fran/ny just shortened to the actual name.

Can you clue me in one more time, please?

To have access to the gallery, you need to update your first and last name so that they at least sound like a real name, no symbols, etc. You can read more about it here:

what duh moment that was (no symbols) thanks for the help, will update soon.