What is your favorite color?

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how do we vote??

either way blue!! smiley

I always choose pink! So vote for pink! smiley

My favourite colour is purple. I am amazed how popular green is!


Purple all the way, baby!!!

Pink, always!! I couldn't vote, though.

I just love PINK smiley

I love green. My favourite shade is "olive drab", and it actually has nothin to do with me being a military spouse; it's just serendipity that it worked out that way and that now I am practically surrounded by it! smiley

I like this poll. However, it seems limiting! smiley You know, as crafters/scrapbookers/artists, there are WAY too many colors in our vision than the basic ROYGBIV. Personally, my favorite blue is cerulean blue and my favorite pink has to be fuschia. Regular old blue and pink just don't cut it for me! smiley

My favorites are red, purple, and pink. smiley I also like certain shades of green and teal.

purple, then teal smiley

My favourite color is black. Im not morbid or shy. But I like black because it's goes with everything. I do like other colors too but it all depends on my mood. @ Holly Wood: you're not wishy-washy, you just complex. Lol For some reason though I cannot stand red. I like red clothes on others and also seen red fabric that looks stunning but I just cannot see myself in it. I avoid it like the plague. Lol smiley

Blue purple or any bright colour

Yellow. It looks terrible on me but as a child my room was yellow in a houseful of blue walls. As an adult I had a house that was totally yellow inside and out. Got to watch it as paint though, because it can overwhelm a room.

Oops... this poll got closed accidentally a while back, but it's open again now, for anyone who wants to vote!

I have many favorite colors - RED, BLACK, TEAL, JADE

Purple. Go cats.

Love teal, but purple shades are a close second!


Purple since I was in preschool, according to my mother. Dark, rick purple, also plumb, deep hot pinks, dark teal, gold, jewel tones maybe because my name is Amber. smiley

Mine is chartreuse or lime green so bright it hurts the eyes smiley

definitely PINK smiley

I voted for green and as a general, thats the one color I love. But I don't love ALL shades of green and on the other hand I love some shades of every color.

I love pink, but I also like any combination using brown or black, they always go together with any color ;)

I love them all, too. When I was younger, red was my favorite. But, as I've gotten older, I love purple (any purple~LOL). It's funny, because purple was my grandmothers favorite color also.

Red & Black.....black and red, hee-hee-hee!

the answer is always pink! ...all those other ones are wrong lol

Purple! smiley


Teal, Purple, turquoise, aquamarine