Summer Challenges? What would you like to see?

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Summer Challenges? What would you like to see?

Will you have more time this summer to join in the layout and designer challenges? Any special ideas or projects you're trying to get done?

I hope that you guys will be doing more page/element a day challenges. I joined the site too late to join in, but it seems like a really fun way to work on honing my design skills. I used to be pretty good at that sort of thing, but then I took a break from digi scrapping for the past 5+ years so I've got to relearn it all.

I'd love to see technique based challenges based on a tutorial. For example, I know there's a washi tape tutorial around here somewhere. So we all watch that video and then give our interpretation of the project. It would be almost like a mini workshop every time we did one of those challenges, which I think would be really cool.

Turns out the daily or weekly challenges are best for me. I need the discipline of a short timeline. The monthly blog trains give me too much leeway and I never get organized in time to actually participate. Challenges based on tutorials sounds like a good idea. Also like the idea of using a specific technique, i.e. stamping, spray paint, cutouts. Could be either paper or element or layout.

I love the paper a day and element a day type challenges. How about a cluster a day? Or a word art a day? I can see how topics are more difficult for this type of challenge, but I love doing them.

I agree with the "a day" challenges. I hope to have time this summer to join in.

Really wanna join the next challenge, I skip last month and this month "a day challenge" smiley
I wanna try to make my own kit, I think this challenge will encourage me, since it feels like we're all doing it together *excited, excited* smiley

frames decorated or not to picture size 10 x 15

I think that the "a day" challenges are good ideas. I would love to see one for each digital scrapbooking area as the others said. Not just papers and elements, but clusters, cluster frames, journal cards, and you get the idea. And having the same "summer" theme for each of them would be great so that by the end of the month everyone will have matching items to form their own kits.

I also love template challenges where a template is provided and each participant uses it and gives it their own style with a layout. Those are always fun. smiley

I also love template challenges where the participants make templates. You could give a small number of requirements and then leave the rest up to the participants. I bet everyone could come up with amazing templates!

I liked the idea mentioned at the beginning of the thread about "workshops" too. It's a good way to learn some new skills and show off what you can do with what you already know. Fun for everyone!

I like the weekly challenges, and I really like the recipe challenges.

What about a color challenge? You could provide us a color pallete and we would post layouts with that color scheme or try to a mini kit too

First, I want to say I love the "a day" designer challenges!

I think that there are people that might not join because they are not sure if they can complete that much, even though they don't actually have to complete each one, only the ones they want/have time for. So I was thinking, in addition to the "a day" challenge, do a mini type challenge. They could have the whole month (the time frame could be changed, as long as it gives longer than 1 element per day) to complete a list of items, like 5 papers and 10 elements (broken down though, like 1. stripes, 2. plaids, 3. flowers, 4. fasteners, etc).

I was also thinking about maybe a weekly (or bi-weekly) challenge like just a paper pack 1 week, maybe on another week doing an alpha challenge or just an element pack, etc. This would also maybe give a chance for people to join in if they are afraid of a longer challenge (or just don't have the time), or maybe they want to get their feet wet or feel that they have a strength for one type of design element over others. I know for the longest time I only did things that were paper related, because I was completely afraid of anything else, but I really loved taking part when I could.

Edit: @Cintia - It looks like we had the same idea about a mini-kit challenge (it took me a bit to write out what I wanted to say so you posted while I was typing) Great minds think alike smiley

@Dawn West: Yes, definitely! smiley smiley
But what I like about being given a comon color palette is that in the end we could have mini kits that worked together. Could be done on the weekly or bi-weekly basis as you said one element/ paper a day or as it is done in other sites, for the month

Here are some ideas I just thought of for layout challenges:
different shapes - triangles, circles, hearts, arrows... the list can go on (I know we did circles before in like February - I think - but it would hurt to do it again smiley)
colors - one color, two colors, specific colors
black and white photos only or multiple photos and the main one black and white or multiple photos and only the main one in color
current events - something happening in the world around you and your thoughts

I just came looking for a scraplift challenge, but the one I wanted to see was a scraplift of an older layout I had done already! My motivation is converting my partially finished paper albums into all digital...