Layout Challenge - Advertising

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Layout Challenge - Advertising

Hi everyone! Rachel here! New to the Pixel Scrapper Challenge Team! So excited to share my first challenge with you.

I'm not sure about everybody else, but designing layouts has given me an eye for all things visual. I especially love advertising and the beautiful rainbow of creations we see in print and digital media. I've chosen an ad for you today that really caught my eye! I just love every part of it.

Be sure to tag your layouts with march 2019 ad challenge, march 2019 layout challenge

I think this ad can be taken on in many ways, so I gave you 2 examples of my interpretations from it. One is very literally, the other just borrows a few choice elements and has a completely different feel to it.


smiley smiley

Here is my interpretation:

beutiful interpretation Cintia ! smiley

Thanks Bourico! I tried to comment on yours but I couldn't access it. I love all the lines and the big photo in yours.

I took the basic idea of the advertisement in the challenge and used it with a pocket card page. The pictures are all from February 2019, with screenshots of the weather at the beginning and end of the month. The titles are in the middle, like the words are in the advertisement. I used a template and filler cards from Violet Irisovna and a heart tag from Janet Scott. The boot print is a public domain image.
march 2019 ad challenge, march 2019 layout challenge

I love everyone's challenge layouts so far!!! You guys really all got some really good creative vibes from the ad!

Great ad challenge. Lovely takes on it as well.

Here is my take on this fun challenge. Thanks for hosting, Rachel!

Sorry to bother ......... but I have been able to download a picture to my gallery (new) but not sure how to post it here. Can anybody help please?

Hello Nancy! Welcome to the forums! smiley You can learn how to do this by following the instructions here.

My only amendment would be this, otherwise your images will show up blurry if they are not sized small enough:

Hope that helps! And again welcome to the forums!

thank you for this tip, Jessica. it did make a difference. smiley

Ohh This challenge is just what I need to start scrapping again!!

Love this challenge!

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