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I have never heard about digital scrapbooking until today. I love the papers and other things that I can download. Beautifully done! Thanks for sharing your awesome creative works with us! Excited to learn more!

yup, i agree, this is an awesome site, Mandy!

oh Mandy, I too six months ago didn't know there was digital me, this is just the tip of the iceberg!LOL

You've only been digital scrapbooking for six months, Janet?! And you're designing now?! Boy, do I feel behind the eight ball... (blushing)

I also never thought you have only this few digiscrapping time... When I was in my sixth month I was still so "noob", and you do fantastic things...

I found this site when I was searching for tabs or tags and thought I would check it out. I'm glad i did. Wish I could login more often but my laptop is down. I need to figure out why. LOL!

I have been enjoying this site also. I found it while searching for digital elements.