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Slow Loading/loading inaccurate

some pages load faster than others, and those 'others' take some time to load. And, when they do load, sometimes buttons overlap or dissapear. (sorry i cant be more specific, i just wanted to let you all know). smiley

Thanks for letting me know about this, Kristin.

  1. Is this a new problem, or something that's been an ongoing issue in the past?
  2. Are you noticing this kind of strange behavior on other sites, or just Pixel Scrapper?
  3. Does there seem to be a pattern to the pages that are having trouble (e.g. forum pages, or search pages, etc.), or does it seem to be random?
  4. Can you post a screenshot of one of a page with overlapped buttons, etc.?

Thanks again for reporting this, and please keep me posted!