What are the X's for?!!

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What are the X's for?!!

I've gotten many templates/quick pages since i've started digi scraping, nd i was wondering what the big X's mean?

here's an example:


its just a ? i've had for a while now, and i was just wondering.... smiley thx!

I think they're just helpful hints as where to put elements smiley

I don't for sure about Marisa's templates, but I do know another designer that uses them, and Sharilynn is correct, they are used for element/cluster placement. My guess is that it is the same with Marisa's templates.

Yes, they are usually for cluster placements.

I´ll transfer this post for digiscrap discussion, because more people may have this doubt.

That is where your own creativity comes in. You choose what you want to put there. Just hide the x layer or delete it in your finished layout.

Here's an example of replacing the X's with elements: http://sahlinstudio.com/may-2013-digital-scrapbooking-free-template/

I was wondering about this, too... thanks!

Finally, an answer. I avoided templates with the Xs- thought they looked ridiculous, LOL.