May Element a Day: Week 4

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Here are my alphas:

@ Marisa - You never disappoint! Love the alphas.

@Marisa and Elizabeth, LOVE your alpha's!!!!

Here are my elements for Week Three . . .

Click for bigger preview picture.

*zooms off to try to get Week Four done before time is up*

Here is my free choice for the 30th... leaves.


And here is my free choice for the 31st... a bunch of different things I had made through out the month.


Love the alphabet Marisa.

I think the last two things I made were these two frames. I'll be posting the final share thread soon.

I just didn't have time for the alphas! Here are my last elements for this challenge.

Here's my Thursday free choice:

And Friday free choice:

Day 29 alpha 2

Here are my Week Four Elements . . . finally! Whew!

What a fun challenge this was. I thoroughly enjoyed it once I made time to work on it. Thanks, Marisa. And thanks to all my fellow challenge-takers for being so talented and inspirational and thanks as well to those kind enough to stop by and drop an encouraging word. Much appreciated all the way around.

Click for a bigger preview image.

DONE! Woo and Hoo!

Day 30 and 31 - choice

Here are mine through the 27th, still finishing up the alpha's and the free choice

And I finally finished the alpha's (I saved those for last)

Seriously is so inspiring what you are doing here! Great work! Still need to try out sooo much smiley!


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