Photoshop vs Paint Shop Pro

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Photoshop vs Paint Shop Pro

Hi Ladies

I'm really annoyed and don't quite know what to choose. My beloved Paint Shop Pro X8 or Photoshop.
I've been working with PSP for many years and upgraded many times. BUT... now when i got the X8 version, none of my old plugins works anymore. I thought it was my X8, but now i've been talking to Corel, and they told me that is's not only the X8, but it the new version that can't work with plugins in my Windows 10.

Gosh is that annoying or what.

So what to do?

I also need to tell that i'm working on a MAC and my hubby installed VMware-Fusion in order to work on the windows side, as PSP does not work on a MAC.

So i'm really thinking about choosing Photoshop. (I've never tried it, but i think i can learn. I don't think it's that far from PSP. Just more proff, but i can learn that.)

Now to your help... If i'm going to choose Photoshop, where would you buy it? Anyone have a link?

Thank you girls.

To get Photoshop CC or Photoshop Elements you must go to ADOBE themselves .... you might want to try Elements first and see how you get along .. there is a BIG learning curve for Photoshop, less for Elements and it's a great piece of software ... download a trial first and use it, get used to it before you decide .. Elements is a one time purchase, Photoshop is a monthly subscription ... ADOBE themselves have great tutorials and there are many others on line as well and there are oodles of people here who would help as well ... can I also mention that once you learn ADOBE products you will be hooked smiley

SIDE NOTE: anytime you want another piece of software ... ALWAYS download from the creators of that software ... downloading from other sites usually comes with a lot of problems because other software that you don't want or need can be attached to them, including viruses.

Thank you so much Susan.

Yes i will sure remember to buy from the creator of the software. I know what you mean. Thank you.

I think i'll download a trial and take it from there. Thank you so much smiley

I wasn't aware of the monthly subscription. So maybe it's a good idea to try Elements before i decide. ( That's very different from PSP)

Hi Lilian!

Sorry to hear this. I love Paint Shop Pro.

I started with PSP 7 und Windows XP many years ago and upgraded this year to PSP 2019 (after PSP X9) and I use Windows 10. I've got Photoshop Elements too, but is it really different from PSP and I can't get really used to it.

ALL my old plugin-filters like Super Blade Pro, Filters Unlimited, Eye Candy and so on work with PSP 2019 and Windows 10 (I'm happy about this because not all of them were freeware...).

I think it depends on the version you use - the old 8bf-files only work with the 32-bit-version of PSP and not with the 64-bit-version.

So you need to install and use the 32-bit version of Paint Shop Pro when you want to use the plugins. This is no problem, you can install both versions, 32-bit and 64-version on the same computer or notebook.

Sometimes I use the 64-bit-version when I create papers, but most of the time I use the 32-bit-version.

If you purchased the 64-bit-version you can also download the 32-bit-version directly from Corels website.

Hope that helps.

Elements is more like a mix of PSP & PS....very easy to use but a lot of things are limited.

I was gonna do the Elements, but I couldn't do a lot of things I wanted to do.

I downloaded the trial for PS and it will just charge my card every month. I can swing the $21 no biggie.

Hi Gonda
Oh thanks you so much. That was really helpfull.
I have both 32 and 64 (X8). I'm thinking of upgarading to X9.
I'm like you, i can't seem to find the same passion for Photoshop. So maybe i'll just remember to shift version. I have the same as you, Super Blade, Eye Candy and a lot of other filters.
I havn't tried them in 32, but i sure will.

Oh this was really good. Also many of my scripts can't work because of filters. So now i'll try them in 32.

If i can get it to work like you can, i'll for sure think of an upgrade to X9 smiley
Thank you so much.

Hi Rachel.

Good to know. It's just that i have been working in PSP for so many years now, and i want a program that can do it all. LOL

Thanks for your reply smiley

Hi Lilian!

You are very welcome ... let me know if you can get it to work. smiley

Yes, I also have some scripts with filters and when I work in 64-bit (and forget about it) I'm wondering why my script is not working correctly until I remember that I have to switch to 32-bit.

I think there are some other files (.dll and .ini) you have to install somewhere in C:/Windows to make the filters work.
Don't forget to install these files if you don't already got them.

I love Super Blade Pro ... and EyeCandy ... and Filters Unlimited ... and PaintEngine ...

Hi again Gonda

I will smiley

I have the dll files installed and i thought that it was the dll files that was the problem until i talked to Corel.

I love my filters. The same as yours and also all the Mura's. Great plugins.

Thanks so much for your help. smiley

I used PSP for many years and loved it. However, I must admit once I went for my degree in graphic design and multimedia I was forced (by the University) to use Photoshop. Now I have to admit Photoshop is a much better program and much more advanced.

I do miss my plugins from PSP because they also will not work in Photoshop. My favorite was Xero Porcelain and I can't seem to find anything close to it.

Having said all of that I am afraid to tell you that all, or most of your plugins are probably obsolete. You are not going to find a new program that will accept them.

Hi Julie

Thank you for your answer.
I think you are right. And that sucks. (sorry, couldn't find another word)

Maybe one day i'll surrender and try Photoshop.

You should, it is a great program and if you are well versed in PSP you should have no problems picking it up. Plus there are lots of tutorials out there.

I have been using PSP for years and teaching it for over 10 years. Whatever program you will choose, you will get comfortable with.

PaintShop Pro can do just about everything Photoshop can do (even some things Photoshop cannot do). It is often underestimated and even veteran users don't know half of its power.

And PSP can use brushes, templates, preset shapes from Photoshop and most Photoshop plugins are also compatible with PSP.

If you want to be around a group of PSP users to get ideas, get inspired, and ask questions, the Scrapbook Campus is open to all.

Hi Cassel-I just introduced myself in the forum and told how you, via Scrapbook Campus, taught me how to use PaintShopPro to do digital scrapbooking. Then I saw your name in this forum-what a coincidence!

When I began photographing birds, I wanted a photo editing program so I searched the internet to find out what was available. I chose PaintShopPro for a number of reasons: 1) cost: PaintShopPro is way more cost effective. It's frequently offered on-sale, and once you own it, that's it, there are no recurring monthly costs. I'm using the latest version, PaintShopPro 2019 Ultimate and, since I bought it on-sale, it cost me less than $60 (the program and 2 years of download insurance). There are additional materials, like scripts, that cost money, but they occasionally go on sale and I wait for the sale if I want any of the extras.

Another reason I initially chose PaintShopPro was because it was described in a number of reviews as being more user-friendly than PhotoShop. The computer is not my friend. I have basic computer skills-i.e., I can turn it on and use a mouse and find information on the internet. I know basic word-processing and I can print documents and that's about it. I didn't want to buy something that was too complicated for me to use. Basic photo-editing is easy using PSP, and that's all I used it for for several years. I watched some videos about how to use layers but I didn't really understand and I really didn't need to for the type of editing I was doing. I could crop and clone and do a few other things and I was happy.

Since I've started to do digital scrapbooking, I'm really happy to be using PSP. Since I've learned how to use it for scrapbooking (Cassel in the comment box above me, taught me in Scrapbook Campus), I have found it easy-to-use. I've watched a couple of Marisa's Photoshop videos and I have no idea what or why or how she's doing what she's doing. I know I can achieve the same results with PSP. Maybe it can be done faster with Photoshop, I really don't know, but I'm confident the finished result will look the same. One caveat: I'm only talking about making scrapbook pages, not designing products. I don't know anything about the design capabilities of one program vs the other.

Also, I can use psd files in PSP--Cassel taught me how. I can-and do-download and use templates designed for Photoshop.

I love PaintShopPro!

For anyone wanting to try to use PaintShop Pro in a simple project, I will have a 7-day Challenge called Publish It. It is not meant to publish anything, but it will guide the participants in creating a "magazine-like" set of scrapbook pages, with a clean and simple design, and few embellishments. It is a great start as you don't have to worry about shadowing, clustering, etc.

Registration is totally free, so register now: