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Word art tips

Hello girls, I'm not sure if there's any topic about this here on our beloved place, Pixel Scrapper forum, if someone already ask it, please let me know smiley
So, I wanna know how you mix all the word art on your layouts. I mean, I saw some layouts have a phrase with two or three font types. Is there any tips? is there any rule for me as beginner to improve my skill on that? like rule of three on colors theory *there is rule of 3 on colors, right? in case I messed thing up :p*
thank you.. and I really appreciate your responses, I love this place and the girls! you are all so generous.

Hi Bimbi, good topic smiley.

I LOVE to make WordArts. They are usually the first thing I do when I make a kit, and I like to do them on my layouts too.

After thinking on what I want to say, the second thing is to study the placement of it on the page. I sometimes put the wordArt before the other elements too. I usually think not only on the space I´d like them to take on my page, but also the shape I want them to have. Although may seem too simple, I love my WordArts being in rectangles, like this one:

This WordArt I made using lots of different alphas, all of them downloaded here. The layout is linked to the gallery, so you can see the credits.

But sometimes I just use fonts I like, typing letter by letter (each one in one layer), using the stroke tool to get an "sticker" effect, and them putting them all together in a fancy way, with some letters slightly on top of each others, or twisting them a bit, like on this layout:

I got the colors for the WordArt with color picker, from the papers I used from Marisa´s Palestine kit.

On this one I made a slight variation of this tecnique:

First, I used a solid as photo mat. Put the photo, shadowed, and merged with the solid. Then I put the words slightly on top of the photo, using a stroke of the same color of the solid, in a size it looked like the word were only one piece, and not separated layers. Then, I merged the words in the mat/photo layers and shadowed again.

I hope these tips are somehow useful. Other thing you can probably try is to find some layouts with word arts you fancy and try to scraplift the wordarts in your own layouts smiley

I think another thing to consider about word art is to not use fonts that are too dissimilar or similar. For example, you wouldn't use a beautiful script font, and then a really grungy font together. And then, you wouldn't use two flourish type fonts together since they would be competing with each other and make it hard to read. I like Lorien's first example. The fonts are different, but still within the same family type of fonts - giving a good example of having fonts similar but still different enough to add some interest. The following picture is a paper layout I did a couple years ago and made a rub on of the word art for my page. I used a script font and then a plain font. I think the two fonts together pair well and create good visual interest.

Those are great tips for Word Art, which is something that I also struggle with.

Great tips everyone!

woow..i guess i need to start practice more to mix all the word arts. thanks everyone for the tips! i learn everyday here.. smiley

One thing i notice you asked no one has addressed yet is your question about how many colors. I don't know of a rule to use three colors like you mentioned. You could use one color or ten+ if it worked together. I think the color scheme of them is preference due to personal style or character and sometime just a surprise mistake that turns out to look fabulous together. smiley kwim?
PS I think it is important to add journaling even if just a line or two because believe me after 40 you will start to forget what your favorite thing about the layout or time frame was when you originally created the layout. With this said, it's a good idea for your WordArt or Title Work not to clash with your journaling font/typeset. smiley

Awesome tips...I LOVE word art too....

Shawna is right about journaling! It is one of the most important things about pages...take it from an old lady who can't seem to remember yesterday sometimes! LOL

Thanks for all of the great tips for making word art!

I'm not an expert on word art, but I was going to add what might be obvious, that you should match the style of font to the phrase...as in Catch a Wave...the mimics the motion of the waves... and
Giggles...has some large loops which remind me of the bubbles that the little ones end up creating as they giggle and laugh at that age.

The other thing I wanted to emphasize is make sure that it is still readable. Don't get things to flourishing that it can't be read.

Great suggestons!!!

I look at other wordart to inspire me; search for #wordart #typography or #quotes (or all of them) on Pinterest... that will keep you busy for the rest of the evening. And hopefully you will end up with some kick-ass quotes as well, haha smiley

So many wonderful tips! Thanks so much everyone! smiley

btt for newbies smiley