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Welcome to all our new members!

My name is Monica. I'm very new to paper crafting... Only been at it for a year! I love creating and making. I love paper! It's just so amazing what you can do with it. I enjoy this site very much and have only just discovered it!

Welcome Monica!

Hi smiley my name is Amanda and I have dabbled with scrap kit making... I started out learning to make tags oh so many years ago but my adhd got the better of me and I just had to give Poser a go.... then to learn how to put a kit together.. in between my painting and photo taking.. I often jump between them all and it helps keep me sane...... well as sane as my genetics will allow LOL
Am from Western Oz, 60yrs old with a hubby of 42 years... he supports my hobbies 100% he also wants to keep me sane... (he's seen me not so sane before now!!!) lol ummm am not sure what else to put but if you want to know more just ask smiley Thanks for allowing me in here am looking forward to getting to know you too smiley

Hi Marisa, Thani, and all my fellow Pixel Scrappers!
My name is Dianne and my husband, Keith, and I live in beautiful British Columbia, the West Coast of Canada. I have 4 children and my eldest daughter is 30 and expecting our first grandbaby! Soooo exciting! I happened upon Pixel Scrapper when I was doing an online search for Wedding and Anniversary kits so I could make an anniversary book for my parents-in-law who celebrated their 60th wedding anniversary in December 2018. I fell in love with the site and everything about it, from the designs and kits to the wonderful community spirit.
I started digital scrapbooking about 7 years ago, making each of my children a "Family Favorite Cookbook". When I look back at the books I made at that time, they look Neanderthal-ic. lol. I've learned a lot since then, especially with Adobe Photoshop.
My current project is a baby memory book for my grandbaby, due in October. As I gain community points, I will be able to upload the layouts and look forward to ideas for pages from you all smiley

ps. This is THE BEST site for digital scrapbooking on the web! Thank you all for your generosity!

Welcome everyone! So glad you found us smiley

Hello everyone, thanks for having me I think I will love it here, such great talent, I love to digital scrapbook especially my children. I am living in Australia. Looking forward to being inspired by your talents and learning new things.

Hi I'm Ginger, Uhm just got done filling out my profile. ~shhh~ suppose to be cleaning. Any hoot I came here because I saw a tutorial on something, I forgot what now. Joined, just because. When filling out profile came across the question about the scrapbook kits, I got taken back because I will be making my own and hopefully hoping up my own store only after making everything I once had. Yup, I use to make my own things a long time ago, when the copy right infringement hit the internet hard. I was introduced to the DAZ lifestyle and was like a child in a candy store. even though I was still using Keith Garvey's work, which to this day still carry a license of his. After all these yrs the only thing that has changed is, I'm friends with him on FB. I would probably use the free scrap kits I get here for making signature tags. I'm disabled. Let's see I have just recently decided to open up my adoption case after all these yrs. I live in AZ, it's just me and my 3 therapy babies. After I get done writing this post I wil be doing my dishes, sweeping and then coming back and playing in my PSP and creating. I have taught myself PSP, kinda DAZ for the most part, HTML and most of all that aspect * html from you tube* lol started building a chatroom site, but something went wrong I got stressed out anxiety kicked in and I shut it down. Think that was to much of an over load for a beginner not in school. I learn from hands on and either reading or video so I can stop and go back. I'm a freelancer for Amazon sellers. I also work in a department called Mechanical Turk it's also affiliated with Amazon just started there. I do tests *not surveys* but actual test. I'm recorded for a place called UserTesting. I try to stay as busy as possible Anyways sorry to cut this short but the dishes call. Thank you so much for allowing me to join. ~waves at everyone~

I cannot believe this website has been around for 10 years and I didn't know! I'm Amanda, new here. Enjoying my 5 downloads a day, but will probably get to the next level because I am starting to get addicted to this thing, I just don't have enough papers, elements and other things yet! I do have tons of pictures though!
I love to see what people are doing, it's so nice and people are so friendly.

What else? I'm a photographer, I have never scrapbooked digitally before, but I know Photoshop pretty well (I've been working on it pretty much all my life, my parents being photographers too).
I'm 26, from Boston, but I live in New York since 2015.

See ya smiley

Welcome everyone! Thanks for saying hello smiley

Hi, my name is Amanda and I am from Western Australia, I love photography but have been limited nowadays due to mobility problems, yup, another disabled granny.. I used to sketch and paint but due to joint issues I gave that up and concentrated on my camera... am married with 3 kids and 10 grand kids ... I have trouble making friends (due to phobias and personality troubles) so tend to keep t myself and that's why I took up kit and tube making with my laptop.. it keeps me sane, well, keeps me 'looking' sane to others LOLOLOLOLOL plus it gives me something to do as I get bouts of illnesses (low immunity). I am self taught and take an awful long time to put a kit together,and sometimes I go quiet for months... so if I go missing just be aware that I shall eventually return. Am so happy I found this place it will help me in so many ways, you may just keep my mojo going smiley Thank you for accepting me smiley

I thought it was my message at first, until the Western Australia.....I'm also an Amanda who loves photography. I'm so sorry you have trouble keeping up with your art because of your mobility problems. I loved your message, I thought it was very honest and most people would only write about their age, job or whatever....not that I'm judging, I did the same, lol.

I'm glad this place helps you !!!

Hi Amanda... do people also call you Mandy? Some do with me and others call me Amanda... but with having kids I answer to many names smiley Thank you for your kind words but we adapt as we get older and I don't mind switching from one hobby to another it makes life interesting... I would love to see some of your photography sometime its good to learn from one another and interesting to see what others see.. I love taking photos of our wildlife and of the countryside, well, anything that catches mt eye really. I started with a film camera but now I am so thankful for the digital age as the film was costly.
Well,its late this end.... time for bed for me....
It is lovely to meet you smiley

Hi all! I think it's funny that that the two intros before me have been from Amandas, because my name is Mandy. Yes, it's actually Mandy, after the Barry Manilow song; although I had a preschool teacher who insisted that it must just be a nickname and my REAL name must be Amanda...but that's another story! Anyway, I've been scrapbooking for almost 20 years, making the move to digital about 10 years ago. Right now, I teach communication, but my goal is to be a writer. I'm a wife and mom, I'm active in my church, I watch WAY too much TV, and I love music--classic rock, please! (Yes, I do headbang to Bohemian Rhapsody in the car.)

Hi other Mandy shshshshs don't tell anyone but we're all here to take over the world!!!!!! and... don't everyone headbang to Bohemian Rhapsody???? oops hubby wants to do some shopping... gotta run! nice to see you hon smiley *waves*

Hello! My name is Candy. I just heard about Pixelscrappers, love to find a place to share and seek inspiration! I'm at stay at home momma to 2 teenaged kids. I feel very fortunate that I've been able to be home through the early years, and now that they're getting older, glad I'm home through these years as well! I love to document, and have been doing project life type story telling, since 2012. I live in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and I'm really excited to be here!

Hi I'm Juli smiley I've been scrapbooking for ~15 years but just started with digital a few months ago and I LOVE it!! I'm working my way backwards with vacations, etc. and eventually want to finish my boys' scrapbooks that are NOT digital. So need to figure out if i should scan and add to it or what. Recommendations are appreciated!! I live in Kansas City (Kansas side), am married and have 4 boys so I have lots to do! LOVE LOVE this site!!!

Your "REAL" name, wow! Sometimes, people don't think before opening their mouth. I know, it happens to me often, lol. I love the last part, you made me laugh out loud "(Yes, I do headbang to Bohemian Rhapsody in the car.)", made me think of the "excellent" movie Wayne's World.

People do call me Mandy, yes! (And now we're 3!)

And yeah of course I'll share some of my pictures, I'm building a website actually. I might be pretty busy with the wedding season beginning next week (it's my biggest working time of the year, my summers are always full, full, full. I have weddings almost every weekend from June to Labor Day, sometimes 2 in 2 days! and I need to work on the pictures during the week, so, yeah, it's always intense.
I'm actually building a website, so when It'll be ready, I'll share it for you to see smiley
I don't do a lot of nature/wildlife photo, but I'd love to see yours! I love to do portraits, especially candid ones.

I mainly do weddings, but I've done a few homebirths and a hospital birth as well, they were amazing and very touching experiences. I also shoot pregnancy, boudoir (very few now) and babies too, sometimes family (but my clients a very loyal and they are not at that step yet. So many of them came to me when I started for their wedding and now got pregnant, had babies, I love to be able to photograph their evolving lives). I worked in a studio during the "school year" before, but I was able to stop so I'm very happy because I need action, I like to move and take pictures when my subjects least expect it (my favorite pictures are always those, and my clients often agree!) and I was able to develop (no pun intended) my own style. I also give wedding photography courses with actual models if anyone is interested (usually in April)
Blah blah blah, I'll stop writing.

Hello! I'm Sonya from the Land Down Under! I just found Pixel Scrapper recently from a friend from my work! I'm not much of a scrapbooker - I've never had that many photos to begin with - but I do love making and printing cards and tags for people!

It's so nice to meet you all!

Welcome everyone!

I'm Kailey and I am a happily married momma of a 2yo and 6 month old. I love my children but, they can be exhausting! Ha. I have always dabbled in scrapbooking but physical just took a lot of planning and time that I dont have right now. I found the project life app and fell in love! I'm going through a bit of a break up with Project Life at the moment though, so expanding my horizons! Onward and upward.

Welcome Kailey!

Hello everybody. Rain here and I'm a newbie. I was so happy when I found the site and I thank you Marisa for the awesome job and all the artist who are involved. You guys are awesome and very talented. I am new to this and still learning. Thank you All.

Hi! I'm Sheila, and I'm a 64 year old single lady, with black cat, who lives in Shropshire, UK, in a cottage on a hillside farm. I craft in various formats, but have only recently begun scrapbooking - Mainly because of memory deterioration.... and a young photographer friend suggested I began journaling using photo's, so I can remember where I've been and who with! - So hence my love of the Good Life kits in particular, and I've begun downloading from here! - Thank you!

Welcome Rain!

@Kailey, I'm so glad you found Pixel Scrapper. I tried my hand at PL for a bit, but PxS has so many digital options that I was hooked right away!

Hi! I'm Shelley from MN. Enjoying the site and all the lovely creations. I've been digital scrapping for 10+ years. started in lumapix and ps elements. I still scrap in pse and have been app scrapping (project life) for about 3 years.

I was downloading a few journal cards tonight, and the download started, but it never showed up in my downloads file. That happened twice tonight. Luckily there are 5 credits, so I was able to get three great journal cards, just not sure what went wrong---twice!
EDITED: I was able to go into my download history and re-download the two files, this time they came through without any problem. smiley

Hi! I'm Kathy from Fort Worth. I just started my scrapbooking journey and am having a blast! I have found so many generous and helpful designers. I just wanted someone else to do the heavy lifting of designing and allow me to add my touches and go. So far, so good! I'm still using My Memories software and will probably continue to for awhile. I may branch out into Photoshop but not in the near future.Thanks for all the cool stuff!