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Thank you Jordan for your explanation and attention to my question. I was under the impression that the DC's were accumulated so that's where the confusion came in. With that said, I am very interested in earning more however I am not a digital scrapper. I use the DC's for purchasing commercially. In addition to donating is there any other way for someone like myself to become more involved?

Thanks again and I hope you have a great weekend smiley

@Kristian: Unfortunately, at the moment, the main way to get more download credits is by winning a design challenge, or by donating; we hope to have more options available in the future. What kind of design work do you use the downloads for? We're always interested to know how our members use the designs, so we can better serve everyone's needs.

Have a great weekend yourself!

OMG, Jordan! I'm rich! Thank you so much for looking at the log and sorting this out. Now I get to spend a few of these points, right? I've been wanting to catch Marissa's part to the Chinese Oriental blog train. I missed it last month, and it's a really splendid addition to that blog train. Plus, I love all of her exotic travel kits. The colors and patterns are simply divine! Thank you again for your patience and help in solving my problem with the point system. smiley

Jordan, you forgot to tell Kristian she could participate more on the site to up her Community Points, then Kristian could earn more DC's to use. smiley

@Liz: wow, yes, that would have been totally helpful! smiley

@Kristian: Please have a look here to see how you can increase the number of free daily download credits to receive by interacting on the site.

Hey there Jordan! looks like you are the man to know! smiley Just wanted to say that I LOVE this site, you guys have done a really marvelous job, and I can't wait to see what you have in store next!

I have a quick question/issue for you (I hope). I logged in this morning (and saw my lovely 7 DCs), then downloaded a 4 DC alpha (Prague, orange), and now only have 1 DC left... which doesn't work out right. Did I accidentally click something? If I purchased something else, I don't know what it is, so can you take a look in your logs? smiley

Thanks so much!

I an not receiving my DC for 1 or 2 days. I thought I didn't get them yesterday, but gave the benefit of the doubt and figured I must have used them and forgotten. But now, I again have not rec'd. any credits. Please help. Thanks!

@Meg: thank you for the encouragement, and sorry for the trouble. I'm seeing my the logs that you got 7 DC overnight, as you say, then that you downloaded Prague Alpha 02 - Orange for commercial use, which "costs" 6 DC (4 DC for personal use), which is why you were down to 1 DC. Was that a mistake? Were you intending to download the alpha for personal use?

@Cindy: I've checked the logs, and am a bit confused, as they show that you have gotten your free daily DC (10 DC) every day as expected for the last few days... here's a brief summary of the logs for the last couple of days:

DC Refill Sun, 21 Apr 2013 07:00:01 GMT - 10 DC
Then you downloaded 5 items for 2 DC each, all for commercial use, including Fall Leaves 2 and Gold Diamond Outline.

DC Refill Mon, 22 Apr 2013 07:00:01 GMT - 10 DC
Then you downloaded Games 01 Paper Template and Games 01 - Small - Paper Template for commercial use - 5 DC each.

DC Refill Tue, 23 Apr 2013 07:00:01 GMT - 10 DC (about 1 hour ago)

Do those items sound familiar to you? It looks like maybe you're just forgetting that you have spent your download credits every day?

I hope to implement a "download history" feature soon, so you can browse through your download history yourself. Hopefully that will make things less confusing.

Yes, Jordan, this looks familiar and correct. Maybe dl'ing early, early in the morning one day, late on another day, maybe this is confusing me! Also, they dl'ed to a different place than usual...I just found them. Thanks! And sorry for the inconvenience!

aaahhhh, I hit the wrong button then, meant to download for personal. oh well! thank you!! smiley

and a download history feature would totally rock! smiley

Hi Jordan,

I receive 10 DC a day and have been since to earned 300 points. I thought I would earn another point after it reached 400 to 450, but that did not happen. Now at 655, still just 10DC a day. Is this correct or have I missed some DC points?

Best Regards,

I am blocked from downloading from your homepage but not from the forum freebies. I make my selection from your homepage then hit the download button, I then get a blocked message and when I remove the block it gives the message that I have already downloaded and takes the points from me. I tried this with the Apirl 13 Blog Train and a ribbon template kit. I am loosing a lot of points that I donated money for and am not getting the items that I would like. Any suggestions?

@Beverly: currently, free daily DC do not keep going up past 10 DC (for 300 community points), which you can see on the community points help page. We're thinking about creating new benefits for reaching higher levels of community points, so stay tuned smiley

@Anita: Very sorry to hear about your troubles. I've sent you an email with some suggestions, and given you some extra download credits to make up for the lost ones. We'll make sure to get this sorted out!

Since you are a supporter, you can re-download items for free up to four times... if your browser is blocking the download every time, I would recommend trying a different web browser. Are you on Mac or Windows? If Windows, Google Chrome works great for our site, and can be downloaded from .

Thank you, Jordan!


No DC's for me for the past two days. I also sent a contact us form to notify of the problem.

I think it may be because of the issue with the corrupted database, but I also haven't received any download points for the last couple days. I'll wait and see how things pan out over the next couple days while you guys get your feet back under you. smiley

Yes, I apologize, but due to the database corruption I mentioned in this post, some people may not have received their free daily download credits. You should all receive your free credits tomorrow as expected. Again, my apologies for the problem, and let me know if you continue not to receive the credits (remembering as always the the free credits do not accumulate).

Hi Jordan, my download credits has been the same since 2 or 3 days I think. I didn't see any new credits being added. And I haven't purchased any assets the past days as well.


Hi Cecilia, sorry for the confusion. The issue here is that free daily download credits do not accumulate. I checked your account, and you currently have 12 purchased download credits available (that you got for donating--thanks a lot!), as well as 7 free download credits (for a total of 19 DC). With 59 community points, you currently receive 7 free download credits per day--the same number you have in your account. Because free daily download credits do not accumulate, you need to spend those free credits before they will get topped off again. Please see this help page for more information:

Let me know if you still have any questions, or if anything is not clear!

All the best,


my credits only diminish ... I do points in the community but they do not appear in DC.

Hi Ana, I hope I'm able to help you with your question smiley I'm new to helping in the forum and do not have Jordan's incredible knowledge!

I think there may be a misunderstanding regarding Download Credits (DC) and Community Points.

Community Points are accumulated according to your activities on the Pixel Scrapper website. (more information available here) The Community Points are tallied under your large Profile Picture on your account page or when you post in a forum.

Download Credits are gifted to users daily with the number of DC depending on the user's number of Community Points. (additional information avaiable here) Download Credits are tallied to the left of your small Profile Picture on the bar across the top of each page on this site.

Community Points continue to grow with your activity on this site, while free Download Credits increase based on your Community Points up to 10 credits. After reaching 10 free Download Credits, you then simply continue to receive up to 10 free DC daily while their Community Points continue to increase with your activity.

I hope this information helps with your question, but if it doesn't please just say so!

@Elizabeth: thanks a lot for stepping in with the very helpful answer smiley

@Ana: let me know if anything is still unclear to you. I'm sorry that the system is a little bit hard to understand at first: we're going to try and work to make things simpler in the future. The main thing to keep in mind, as Elizabeth said, is that you only get more free download credits once a day (overnight). Your community points, on the other hand, go up every time you interact on the site by posting in the forums, etc.

Hi Jordan, I hope you are having a fun and safe trip to Oregon.

I am writing to see if what I am thinking is correct and to see if it needs to be corrected. I have a situation today where I downloaded two splatters of Brooke's, when I had previously downloaded the kit on 6/15/13. Normally, and please correct me if I am wrong a copy of the kit would be linked to the individual assets if the kit had been released prior to the assets. In this case the kit was released prior to the individual assets and when this happens I am used to seeing the kit in the bottom right hand corner. This would have told me that I needed to look at my kit or find your kit to see if I had downloaded it previously. I did do that because I felt like it was very similar but it was after I downloaded two pu-splatters. Come to find out they were duplicates. I haven't uploaded to the gallery or anything myself as of yet, but I have read the directions and it looks like there may have been a field that didn't get filled in and linked up in the uploading process. Here are the links to the assets and kit that I am speaking of below.

Thank you so much!
Kristine from Oregon! smiley

Splatter 1
Splatter 2
Splatter 3
Splatter 4
Splatter the Kit

Hi Jordan,

I did not get my 10 DCs today. I donated, but did not receive the daily DCs.

Thanks for pointing that out, Kristine: you are right that the kit should be linked from the assets. We'll try to get that sorted out as soon as possible. In the near future, I'm hoping to give an "already downloaded this kit" notice when you are looking at individual items and have already downloaded the kit.

I've given you some bonus download credits to make up for the downloaded duplicates. All the best!

@Beverly. I just checked, and you currently have have 60 DC total in your account. 50 of those DC are purchased DC that you got from donating (thanks so much!), and 10 are your free daily DC. In order to get more free daily DC you will need to spend the free DC already in your account, because free daily download credits do not accumulate. If you spend 10 DC (or more), then you will get 10 more DC overnight. Does that make sense?

For more information, you can check out the help page at .

Let me know if you need any further help!

Yes, but I did not get 10 dc yesterday. 6-23-2013, the day I donated. I did not use them, because they were not there. I received 10 dc for 6-24-2013 but not on 6-23-2013.