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Adoe Photoshop & Lightroom CC

Due to a computer upgrade, I have just switched from the CS5 installed software to Creative Cloud subscription and I'm having difficulty adapting and would welcome any suggestions on how to get myself acclimated to this new Photoshop and a very basic question about Lightroom (which I had never previously used).

Lightroom basic questions:

  1. Do I have to load my photos to the cloud prior to using them in Lightroom?
  2. If not, ow do I load them and how do I remove the ones currently being displayed?

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I feel a bit stupid.

Rose, did you dowwnload Lightroom or Lightroom Classic??

Lightroom is mostly used on your Mobile (phone-tablet).
Lightroom Classic is what you should use if you use a desktop or a laptop.

It only recently changed... What used to be Lightroom is now called Lightroom Classic.

You can find a lot on the web or You Tube

Here are tutorials from Adobe:

Lightroom Classic


Thanks for the reply, Patricia. I did NOT download Lightroom Classic, just the Lightroom; I don't know if I can swiych versions. I'll check out your links at some point. Will they answer my immediate questions?

I switched from CS6 to CC late last year and I'm still getting used to the shortcuts! There aren't too many of them, but enough to make it annoying at first - I eventually had to change a couple of them back because I was sick of opening up Adobe Stock every time I wanted to reapply a filter.

Basically, my advice is practice, practice, practice. Or just go into your preferences and change over to the legacy shortcuts. smiley

Also - check out the symmetry tool!

Thanks for the tips, Trish.

Sadly, I can no longer use keyboard shortcuts, but thank you for th heads up on that.

Thats an awesome new tool; thanks also for directing me to the tutorial!

I think so Rose.. the link goes to all the tutorials and the first one is for beginners...
I don't know anything about Lightroom since I only use Lightroom Classic... you can do a lot more with LR classic, but you can not use it on a tablet..

I have both Lightroom and Classic on my computer .... I wanted to take a look at the new cloud software but haven't had a chance to yet ... my point is that you can download both .... Patricia is right Adobe has the best tutorials, straight forward and easy to understand and it's all there in little hunks ... basically it hasn't changed a lot and shortcuts aren't needed if you don't use them. There are however awesome changes, some of which are fun to do ... do the basic's first Rose and I'd write down any questions so you don't forget them later as you go along. When I find a written tutorial I go to print and save as a pdf and title it directly to what they do so I have a library of written tutorials to pull from when I need one.