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Thank you so much ladies! I really enjoyed making the Dandelion Wishes kit! smiley

Thank you!

I just downloaded 5 of the 6 kits in your new Whole Story Kit collection. It is not yet listed as a bundle I dont think - so I will have to get the last kit another day!! Thanks jessica.

Thank you!

Thank Jou smiley

Thanks Elaine, Robynne, Beverly and Vivane! smiley

@Robynne I checked the kits and they all are pointing to the Good Life Bundle so I'm not sure what you were/are seeing. The only one that isn't is the Mini Kit [is this the one you were speaking of?] since it was actually part of the Blog Train and not the Good Life Bundle tho it coordinates with it perfectly. smiley

Not to worry Jessica.

I downloaded 5 of your kits as seperate kits. I then downloaded the 6th one the next day.
Today I plan to download the June GL bundle - except for your kits since I already have those.

💋 Thank you for the Mini Kit 💋

LOVE that fair template - thanks!

Thanks for the great templates Jessica!

Thank you for sharing your beautiful kits!

Thank you all ~ you are so kind! smiley

Thank you so much for the gorgeous freebies smiley

Thank you!

Thank you so much.♥

Thank you Nae, Beverly & Grace! smiley

Been bad about updating this thread! Sorry about that! Here is catching up to November smiley

PS Nov2019 Blog Train - Mini Kit