How to convert psd template to png layers WITHOUT Photoshop

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How to convert psd template to png layers WITHOUT Photoshop

I have shared this with a few ladies already and thought it may be worth sharing it here too, since a few designers only provide templates in psd format and not all scrapbooking softwares can handle them.

How to convert a psd file to png layers when you do NOT have Photoshop and your digital scrapbooking software does not open psd/tiff files:

1) Download and install here: (there is a paid version in the windows store, but the version 4.1.6 on the first line is free)
Locate your folder (mine is at C:\Program Files\

2) Download the plugin to open psd files here (linked from the official page:
Unzip and copy the dll extension file to your "Program Files\Paint.NET\FileTypes\" folder on your C drive.
You might need to click continue to provide admin permission to write to the folder.

3) Download the plugin to export to png layers here
Unzip and copy the dll and dlc extension files to your "Program Files\Paint.NET\FileTypes\" folder on your C drive.

4) Restart
In the file/save as menu, you should now have the following 2 options:
ZIP - Compressed Archive of Layers (*.zip)
and Photoshop (*.psd, *.psb)

You should now be able to open any psd files (just double-click on the file or do file/open in, and then save them as a zip of individual png layers using "File/Save as.../ZIP - Compressed..." (leave default settings as is).
(I wrote "should" because the ability to open psd files with a large amount of layers depends on your computer. My old computer would get stuck if the psd file had too many layers (30 or more If I recall correctly), my new machine has never had any problems opening psd files with a huge amount of layers.)

Note: it's completely free.
I actually use this software for all my digital scrapbooking with many more plugins and filters (also all free), but to convert to png the above is all you should need.
The links I put up above are the official links (if you google "download" you may come up with different download links, but they are not from the official page and may or may not contain viruses, but I've never had any problems with downloads from the official and forum sites)

Another free software I recently discovered which opens psd files is Krita. Additionally Krita can "read" layer styles ( cannot) and has a fantastic brush engine smiley

I haven't tried your suggestion as I have Photoshop, but it's good of you to share this as, you're correct that often times .PSD and .TIF files are all that are offered.

I say that this is a prime example of how nice it would be if designers would offer their templates in a collection of .PNG files as a choice in addition to their .PSD and .TIF layered files.

Thank you Lou! This is a real time saver!!! smiley

I use PDN (paint dot net). So this is wonderful.
I will have to try these out, but just not right now.
July is just too busy for me - for now!!
Thank you. smiley

Oh....I've been wanting this help, but kinda just got used to only using png files, and dismissing psd as unusable for me. NOW I can use them, too! Thanks so much, Lou! I haven't tried this yet, but I will when I have time. It is VERY useful to me!