PS June 2013 Blog Train Comments

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PS June 2013 Blog Train Comments

Please use this thread for any comments, questions, thanks, etc you have for our designers participating in the blog train. To see the blog train list, visit this post.

Please remember that the blog train does not go live until June 1, so the actual freebie on the blog may not yet be posted.

oh the cuteness!!! can't wait! smiley

I can't wait until the 1st. The previews looks great!

Everything I posted last night is gone!

Thanks everyone for setting me straight! I don't do forums much so had no idea why I had disappeared!

Thanks again! smiley

Hi Liv. Jordan posted the information here, this may be the reason smiley

Hey Liv...the others connected their pictures directly with the link to their blogs. So by clicking on the pictures you got to the blogs. (I already answered you once but then there was the database crash smiley )

These all look gorgeous

I am amazed at all the different ideas and pretties that came out of a simple topic like Pond Life! Really awesome ladies (and gents?)! smiley

Looking forward to this hop - love the colors! And the cute frogs. Thanks in advance ladies.

They all look fabulous - hurry up June!!

Well, I ended up not in this month. Barely got things done for my store... You guys did an incredible job!

I'd love to participate. I am not looking in the right place, I think, for the colors we need to use---can anyone guide me?

Hi Linda, this blog train goes live tomorrow, but if you want to participate in a designer collaboration for July, please see this post: Pixel Scrappers first colab - Sweet things

I'm pretty sure there will be another blog train for August too, so keep on the lookout smiley

Wow, these kits looks real cute! I didn't realize it was all a theme though (pond)... No other outdoor activity stuff, eh?

Super work ladies! Thanks so much for all of your contributions! smiley

Use all those great downloads in the blog train layout challenge here.

Hey, Everyone - Nice job on the Pond Life June Blog Train! Everything looks great! So fun!!!

wow, everyone has such amazing parts!

Though I think it was a little too late when I set up my post, I completely forgot to link back to Pixel Scrapper smiley So I fixed that this morning.

I am trying hard to finish my mini kit. I guess I´m a bit late smiley

Thanks for all the wonderful kits, Ladies!!! Your talents are so inspiring. I can't wait to play with your wonderful designs. It is so fabulous that you are willing to share your creations with us.

I see some really cute things from all of you. Will be great to document outdoor life!

Thanks for all of the great kits!

Things look so great, I've not started downloading as we have several meetings and graduation parties to attend today.

But I did want to post that I've checked out my files after having some comment they didn't have access...and apparently when I uploaded this month, the Google Drive had for some reason set the default to limited access. I've updated it now, and you should be able to get my downloads. Sorry for the inconvenience. If you're still having troubles, let me know. I'll check in again this evening. Same links, but I'm posting again here. Also a link to a tutorial on Downloading zip files from Google drive for those new to downloading from Google Drive.

Looking forward to Sunday afternoon, when I'll have time to start making the rounds and downloading the wonderful creations!

I've riden the whole train and it is looking mighty fine! I downloaded loads and everyone had such lovely things - thank you all so much.

What a great stash of really cute kits I have accumulated from this train. Thank all of you designers for so generously sharing your talents and time. I know there will be many many layouts posted on PS using these papers and elements.

TYVM for this awesome cute BT, adorable kits. Only has problems with the Isa contribution, the link appears with error. I'll check during the week. Thanks to all the designers who share your art work.

Thank you so much to all of the creative designers on this blog train. Each of your creations are beautiful, and your blogs are very clever. You are each so generous to share your talents!

Is anyone else posting a part to the list? I'm going to lock the thread if I don't hear from you.

Everyone did a fabulous job! Thanks so much!

Just to let you know: I deleted two posts on the blog train list, from Tracy. She told Sheila she really loves her mini, and asked Melo if her kit is somewere besides because every time she tries to download the bandwidth has excedded the limit.

Love the kits, you are all very talented, thank you!