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Good Camera

I'm in the market for a new camera and needs some help with finding a good camera. The camera will primarily be used to capture photos of events I do and for personal use, can anyone suggest a good camera or brand?

Can't go wrong with either a Nikon or Canon. I would go for a DSLR model if at all possible.

I enjoy my Fuji DSLR camera, it takes great pictures. Love the burst mode, where it take a number of pictures one after another. I find with action it looks great if I create a flash movie. For stills I find that each shot is a bit different, where I can select one or create my own with a couple of shots.

I love my camera the Canon S90. I talk about it in the first post in this thread:

"They" say you can't beat a DSLR, but it does depend on what you want your camera for and how fiddling around with lenses you want to do. I have just bought a canon powershot x 50. If I was able to go to nature reserves and spend hours waiting for that perfect shot, I would have gone for a DSLR. I have just got rid of my Panasonic Lumix G1. Technology has moved on so much that most top entry point and shoot or better still bridge cameras will do an excellent job.

I agree with Angela, but it really depends on your personal preference, I like both of mine, I have a Canon sx120 and an Olympus ELP1, both were nice to my wallet.

i have a Canon Powershot S100 and it takes wonderful pictures. it has all these manual controls that i haven't even used yet and is so small that it's easy to bring around. it also has a built in GPS unit so you can tag the location of your pics. it's perfect for my needs!

Thank you everyone for your suggestions.

Love my Nikon d90!!

Just thought I would say I hate my new camera! It's rubbish at indoor photography, I feel I have been totally misled. Shutter lag is lengthy, pictures are grainy and th only thing good about it is the zoom! Don't know what to do now:(

@Angela Maybe there are forums who encountered the same problems as you did and have found solutions?

I only have a cheap digicam, probably top of the line 2 years ago. (nikon coolpix L21) But it takes great pictures so Im happy with it. I just probably wish I could do that instagram effect (dark around the edges).

@Angela wow, I am surprised usually Canon powershots are pretty good???? When I was looking for a simple P&S (for in my purse-also have a Canon T4i recently purchased) I considered the powershot. I called Canon and spoke to a tech there regarding my options as I could not decide based on what I had read. I ended up getting a Canon Elph 530 which is absolutely WONDERFUL. I cannot say enough good about it. It is HD which is great though I don't take video with it. When we went to Disneyland I used it without the flash in It's A Small World and the photos came out better than expected. Many times I take indoor photos without the flash and have been very happy with it. It is a little more pricey and the only other thing that is a bit of a con is that the batteries are quite expensive and I think because of the HD they tend to run low faster than others that I have had. But it is okay with me because I always get a couple extra batteries and all the other pluses completely outweigh the con.

@Angela: What camera did you buy? Indoor photography isn't easy to do. Have you played around with the settings?

Marisa I have a Canon Powershot SX50. Today I have gone through a lot of reviews which I had already before buying, they confirmed that thus was the camera I wanted! However when I read some of the comments, low light seems an issue. I read more than one review which said low lighting shooting was good, one said they hadn't found any red eye in their sample shots, whereas I have had stacks. Without the flash you lose all sharpness. I am going to re read the manual - I am not so conceited as to think it isn't me!! So I shall start again! Will a 72 dpi preview be able to show you the problems I am having?

I never use the flash. I generally prefer the grainy high ISO shots to things washed out by flash. Here are some tips for low-light shooting:

I have an older model Canon Rebel EOS XT DSLR that's about 5 years old and a Kodak EasyShare C1550 and I love them both! The Kodak was about $85 brand new when I bought it January 2012 and the Canon was $65 off Craigslist, which is quite fantastic for a camera that was hundreds of dollars brand new.

Well I re read all the reviews and found my camera is supposed to take good pictures in low light on auto. So I then googled troubleshooting canon powershot 50. The solution seems to be the setting for Aperture priority and ISO in the range of 50-190 depending on individual answers. My previous camera (Panasonic lumix G1) there was no discernible difference between auto and using the settings, so I lost interest in learning them. There was a pro photographer there with a great big flash on top of her camera, but I agree with Marisa in not liking the bleached out look a flash can give. So okay, maybe I don't quite hate my camera after all. Maybe I need to do a little work on the settings for indoors regardless of whether it is supposed to do on auto or not. smiley

@Angela I am so glad that you are finding some resolution. Especially since I really love Canon products and they are many professional's choice too. I love auto but am still trying to learn all of the features of both of my cameras!

@Sharilynn: wow, you really lucked out on that Canon buy! smiley One of these days I will get a Canon EOS DSLR camera (and a KoAloha ukulele - but that's another story!), but right now we have other financial matters that take precedence...

I know! I was pretty shocked when the woman responded to my email and said it was still available. I always check Craigslist for stuff like that. A lot of people will sell their older models when they upgrade to a newer one so it's a great idea to check Craigslist before going out and spending hundreds to thousands on a brand new camera.