What are your top 3 favorite sites for quality freebies?

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Merci Vanessa! I'm a HUGE fan of Bruissements. Wonderful kits with great color schemes. Very high quality. I use them almost daily.

thx, but Kavel talked about them before me, sorry ! ;-P I hadn't seen the post before ...

I love these 3
http://nicolesscraps.blogspot.nl// [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link good, but most photos broken and no new updates since 2013.
http://scrapsbyjessicaart-design.blogspot.nl/ [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Blog not found.]
http://justsaskia.blogspot.nl/ [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Blog not found.]

I usually go here daily to see whats new


[UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link valid.]

Thank you! As a new digi-cropper, I'm always on the lookout for freebies to build up my stash!

I just checked out vintage printables. They have such awesome items there. Thanks

LOVE Harper FInch! Was going to add her if I didn't see her in this post! smiley

I think I've gotten addicted to downloading pretty freebies. My poor computer!

Tip Junkie (www.tipjunkie.com) has a link for scrapbooking under the Craft&DIY section, from there you can sort out free digi kits, paper and embellishments. [UPDATE 2/5/2019: No scrapbooking stuff found, though there are some cute free printables.]

One of the other things I did was find the blogs of my favorite designers at Pixels and Company, Sweet Shoppe, The Lily Pad and especially Sugar Hill Co. -Miss Tiina is AMAZING!
It takes so time to go through all the past blog posts but I've found some amazing add-on kits and mini kits that way as well as links to blog trains/hops/road trips and collaborations that are still active so I've been able to compile bigger kits that way.

I've also liked all my favorite designers on FB and gotten some beautiful kits.
Sahlin Studio, Zoe Pearn, Jenn Barrette, Just Jaimee, Megan Turridge, Digital Design Essentials, Pixeled Paper Designs all have great FB fan freebies right now.

Persnickety Prints has some fun free items as well.

I love everything that Rachel Erickson (citrusandmint.weebly.com) has made. It's all free on her blog. [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Blog not found.]
Rose Thorn (rosethorndesigns.blogspot.com) also has some cute kits. She used to sell her work and is only creating free kits right now. [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Still valid.]


its in Portuguese but thanks to the google translator its in english. She posts some freebies I haven't seen on other pages.

[UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link valid, though some images are broken and no new updates since 2015.]

I am always going to summerdriggs! Love her stuff! And I have all the shabby ones as well! I just discovered this site and am excited to start downloading! Just need to stock up some points!

This was a fun topic for me as I got to open each link. Now I have hours of looking at Scrapbook sites. thanks so much to everyone who posted a link. smiley

There are a ton of Photoshop tutorials and free textures, styles, etc. on this site:

About a year or so ago I started making a freebie every time I made a kit. I also have freebies exclusive to my FB Group members & newsletter subscribers that I started doing around the same time.

[UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link valid.]

Two blogs that I usually check daily are Kimeric Kreation and Connie Prince because they have freebies most days of the week.

[UPDATE 2/5/2019: While Connie Prince is still putting out new kits, Kimeric Kreations' owner passed away in fall 2018 following a 2-year battle with cancer. Her partner Eric is slowly re-releasing her creations at the MyMemories store, so it's possible her freebies may remain available if he keeps the blog and hosting up.]

Oh this is awesome! I am so excited! Thank you for the great list! I post some on my blog, but not enough yet to mention! smiley

Thank you all for sharing these amazing sites. For someone fairly new to this, it is so handy to know where to go for good downloads smiley

I get stuff from Far Far Hill. They are also very generous with their freebies. And my roommate has bought some of the premium files. They are only $5.


Here are loads and loads of freebies for those who like vintage style
http://farfarhill.blogspot.co.uk/ [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link valid.]

And these two have a lot of very nice and nun freebies
http://nearestoreblog.blogspot.co.uk/ [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Blog not found.]
http://bestfreedigitalscrapbook.com/ [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Link valid.]

Ladies this is a great topic. Checking out some links now.

Lots of new sites to look at. Thank you!

My favorite is computerscrapbook.com. About 90 amazing kits. [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Redirects to https://www.digiscrapbook.com/ now. Still has freebies!]

and of course, shabbyprincess.com [UPDATE 2/5/2019: Bad link.]

Computerscrapbook.com is my go to place for free kits. They have nice high quality stuff and tons of it in large kits for free!!

OMG-- I am having a hard time tearing myself away from these sites. Being a complete newbie I just want to download everything cool I see.
I bookmarked a lot of the freebies and PS tutorial sites.

Love the Pinterest Pin boards for kits, elements, layouts and all the freebies I can find. I am now following several.
(plus I finally learned how to use Pinterest.

If I don't come out of my room for days I wonder if someone will come looking for me. LOL
smiley thanks for all the awesome links smiley

Oh, this was a bad, bad forum to look at at 10:30 pm. I've got to put my computer down. It is now 12:29 am. My list of scrapbook favorites is now about a mile long. My husband is going to HATE all the information I have coming to our email. I'm going to have to set up a new email account just for my scrapbooking stuff. Thank you so much for the links. It's a wonderful idea!

Quality digiscrap freebies. You can like them on FB too.
Persnickety Prints.
harper finch.

Thanks, Shannon, for the great thread. Lovin' reading all the ideas! I had found Shabby Princess, but not Summer Driggs' or some of the others below.

All of these links are awesome, thanks a bunch everyone! smiley

There actually many, and the ones I frequent have already been listed here smiley

I'm just starting my digital scrap journey- so this is a very helpful thread. Thanks!

Glad to see I'm not the only one addicted to digital Scrapbooking freebie sites! Aren't we lucky to have the internet, and so many talented and generous designers who use it to showcase their work!

I have found Shabby Princess' stuff fantastic! It was the first site I found and I loved it all.
I also like bestfreedigitalscrapbook.com to be good.
Still very new so I don't have a lot but those two have certainly given me some great starting points.