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A Beautiful Mess phone app

Has anybody tried the new app by the Red Velvet Art group?

I wasn't going to. I figured that I wouldn't be able to personalize the doodles at all or add my own fonts (and I can't) and I figured why bother if my photos are going to look like a million other people's pictures. But I ended up breaking down and buying the app and a few of the in app purchases. It's not original, especially not today when everybody who bought a copy was using it on Instagram all day, but it's a lot of fun.

i haven't bought a photo editing app cuz i haven't used all the free ones i have yet. there are so many apps and so little time!!! if you want an app where you can add fonts, you can try phonto. i remember someone giving instructions about adding fonts in this app.

I'm intrigued by this one- I have a few folders of photo editing and stitching apps- always looking for something with a little difference from the others!