Creating SVG files?

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Creating SVG files?

Anyone know how to make SVG files from PNGs? Is it something you can do with Adobe Photoshop or do you have to have a different program?

Photoshop will open SVG files and PNGs. You cannot save in SVG format.

You can use Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape which is a free program. Both will open the PNG and than go from there.

For Inkscape there is a lot of tutorials on their website to learn how to use the program.

For Illustrator, if you do not have the program you can download a 30 day trial to see if you like the program. There is also a lot of tutorials for Illustrator, just do a search.

Actually some versions of PS wont open SVGs (unless you manually fix the updates yourself) but you can always go through Inkscape and save your svgs to pngs or eps or all file format (not sure if ' all file' format will open in PS though)

If your trying to convert pngs to svg to convert to cutting programs another tip would be to vectorized the image then convert to svg.

I happened to have made a video tutorial for this about 6 months ago and posted on my old google blog. I use Illustrator for the video but I also have another one that deals with Silhouette Studio for cutting machines that shows how to convert a drawing to svg using Inkscape. You can find them here:

Using Illustrator to create svg files

Using Inkscape to save as svg files

Thanks Cat for sharing