Creating SVG files?

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Creating SVG files?

Anyone know how to make SVG files from PNGs? Is it something you can do with Adobe Photoshop or do you have to have a different program?

Photoshop will open SVG files and PNGs. You cannot save in SVG format.

You can use Adobe Illustrator or Inkscape which is a free program. Both will open the PNG and than go from there.

For Inkscape there is a lot of tutorials on their website to learn how to use the program.

For Illustrator, if you do not have the program you can download a 30 day trial to see if you like the program. There is also a lot of tutorials for Illustrator, just do a search.

I happened to have made a video tutorial for this about 6 months ago and posted on my old google blog. I use Illustrator for the video but I also have another one that deals with Silhouette Studio for cutting machines that shows how to convert a drawing to svg using Inkscape. You can find them here:

Using Illustrator to create svg files

Using Inkscape to save as svg files

Thanks Cat for sharing