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Bucket Lists

So... I'm always curious to know more about people and I think it helps me to connect better when I learn about stuff we have in common. I'm thinking that this would be a great way for us to share some things about ourselves in an old fashioned "bucket list" way. If you want to participate, feel free. If not, don't feel guilty... It's just something a little FUN for us to do. smiley So let's each share our top three bucket list items. If you don't have three on there yet, that's okay. If you want to share more, go for it!

For anyone who doesn't know what a bucket list is. It is a list of things you've always dreamed of doing, but either due to time, money, or physical constraints haven't been able to but want to do before you "kick the bucket". smiley These are the things you would do if there were NO Limits set on you preventing you. So dream away! smiley

So, here are my top three:

1) Travel Abroad: Australia, Ireland/Scotland, & France, most specifically.
2) Start a horse back riding therapy ranch for handicap children. Like a summer camp for children ages 3-21, for the parents to get a mini summer break/holiday too. I would love to minister/help these families in so many ways.
3) Learn to speak (& hopefully become fluent) in at least 2 foreign languages: French being my first choice (due to my family heritage)

OK so I'm cheating, I couldn't leave off my # 4) Learn to play the drums!!! and NO I don't have a lick of musical talent, that would be my hubby smiley

Looking forward to hearing what you ladies have on your lists!!!

I´d like to...

1) Travel to Europe, specially Italy, Grece, Switzerland, Spain, England (I don´t even know all my country!)
2) Run a sucessfull business with my hubby as a partner, in a way any of us need to work outside.
3) Being a writer, even if it´s not my full-time job.

  1. Travel all over Australia, not just the eastern states like I have at present.
  2. Travel to Norway, Sweden, Finland, Canada, Alaska and New Zealand.
  3. And If I ever won super big on a lottery, then I would love to have a farm where homeless people could come and get themselves back on their feet.

smiley for Liz smiley the idea number 3 is great smiley

I'm actually really excited because in a week one of my bucket list dreams is coming true! Ever since I was very small I have wanted to travel to Egypt. I was somewhat obsessed with mummies and ancient Egypt and wanted to be an Egyptologist for a long time. Well, my time has finally come! We basically live next door to Egypt (I've waved at it across the Red Sea) and so we are seizing the opportunity and next Wed we are going! Pyramids here I come!

Wow, great! Take lots of pics and scrap to show us later smiley

@ Marisa Wow, it's 31°C over there, you can pack your summer clothes! Nice.

1. I'm so scared to fly, so i shall never do that again but if so, I would go back to New Orleans, I love that city. I would love to see Greece someday, or Norway, Malediven.
2. And someday i would like to start my own shoe store.
3. A country house or a farm with some animals.

@Marisa - so excited for you. Have fun and of course, be careful.

1. I would love to go back to school - I would take fun classes in cooking, biology, geology, watercolor painting, writing, and digital design.
2. Build a room for just my arts and crafts, a creative, beautiful place to inspire and find peaceful joy.
3. Have a yearly reunion with my sisters at a wonderful bed and breakfast, where we can spend quality time with each other and enjoy being together.
4. Somehow, make a BIG difference with random acts of kindness, where I can remain anonymous.
5. Read every book that I have ever wanted to read.
6. Write a good book

I have so many things yet to post to my bucket list, but this will do for starters.......

@Marisa: green with envy at your wonderful travels... you and Jordan are blessed with so many wonderful opportunities. Can't wait to see your photos!

@Lórien: I like to dabble in writing myself, too. I just write poems & little mini-mini short stories... for myself, kind of a journal style, but in a full sized notebook. You should at least "start" that... You will start to learn what you like to write about and may be able to fulfill that dream quicker than you think! and get published, even.

@Liz: totally respect your homeless farm idea, that's how I feel about handicap persons. I feel like society thinks that most of them have no worth to us as a whole and believe that every human being has a place and a purpose in this world or they wouldn't be alive. So, many of us forget it would only take a few weeks to months for about 75% of us to become homeless ourselves, especially if something tragic happened to us. smiley

@Moontje: what a unique one! to start a shoe store... you must really love shoes? You should start trying to do that, now... Could you sell them from your home on an ebay type store or out of your car at a market type place? At least then you could start making some money to save towards getting a store front to open with tons of shoes! You can totally accomplish! smiley

@Sunny: Love your enthusiasm to take the world by storm, especially now that retirement and free time will be around the corner! I especially like your one about your sisters! I think I will steal this and add it to my list and start trying to make it happen, especially the older we get time slips away so fast. smiley

Thanks Ladies so much for jumping in & sharing yourselves with us!

@ Sunny O, i like your number 3 and 4.

@Shawna I hope i can turn that dream into reality someday but money is a real issue this days so now is not the time for me but i adore shoes.

It will be super fun to see Maris'a "Eqypt" Kit, will it be inspired by hieroglyphics and mummies?

1. to quit my "regular job" and do photography full time
2. to find a reasonable spot for a studio
3. to attend a workshop with Julie Klaasmeyer or Sandy Puc
4. to just see my children both married and happy at some point (I swear it is more painful watching my children
grow up then it was to grow up myself)
5. I always taught my children that we are here on this earth to help as many people as we can and once our job is done God let's us leave. I have more people to look out for and help yet I am quite sure.

@Katie: Great List... TFS!!! smiley

@Katie: I love your #5, and ICAM with #4 (I feel the same way).

My bucket list has diminished a lot over the years because of chronic (invisible) illness... For instance, one of my past bucket items was to hike the entire Appalachian Mountain Trail (from GA all the way up to ME & into Canada). I also wanted to get a seasons ski pass, because some of my favorite ski mountains are an hour or less away, and ski all winter (something I've never been able to do).... But because of my physical limitations now I can't do those things (which has me bummed out beyond belief - I was a very active person before things started to deteriorate physically). Another of my big bucket items was to travel throughout Europe (especially Ireland, Austria, Norway, the French Countryside and Italy) but given my circumstances I am not sure that is realistic now... Plus things would have to turn around financially - and I don't see that happening until the economy is better, food/gas prices are down, and the kids have graduated from college and are financially on their own. But by that time my hubby may be retired, and I also could be worse. I keep hoping & praying I don't end up in a wheel chair. Because of my deteriorating health (and daily pain), I'm not sure what to put down for a bucket list anymore... I just try to take things day by day. It's all I can handle.

Lets hope you will get better Liz, and you can, at least, make some of your dreams come true smiley

I somehow know how you feel, because I have a problem in my ankle that disabled me to dance, jump, and walk for long. I thought it was getting better when, a week ago, it started all over again.

@Lórien: Thanks so much for the well wishes... Unfortunately my problems are complex & can't be cured... To make a long story short, I have (1) scoliosis in 2 places in my back (knew about one of them in my early 30's, found out about the other a year ago after x-rays), (2) I have 2 herniated discs in my lower back (L4/L5 & L5/S1) that came out of my first pregnancy & were operated on successfully back in Dec '98, but now I have disc degeneration there, (3) I have torn ligaments in my left knee that happened a week before college graduation (the drummer in our band was dancing with me at one of the pre-graduation events... his knee hit mine hard & voila!) that at times will cause me problems, like if someone dipped me while dancing or during mountain hiking (which I had to give up), (4) I sprained an ankle several years ago in my back yard (there was a pot hole near the rose bushes & my ankle just *had* to find it... lol) & it re-sprains easily (suffering from that right now), and (5) about 18 months ago I started having all sorts of problems with back/hip/muscle pain, and my body was not holding alignment. My chiropractor treated me for 4 months & then said it was x-ray time to see what else could be causing my problem. Turns out I have a leg shortage - my left leg is a bit shorter than the right, and she also noticed that I had degeneration in the SI joint area on the right side. Blah.

I feel like an old lady at times - sometimes I don't get much sleep, I'm often stiff in the morning, and I use ice/heat every day (for inflammation or muscle issues). I've been in pain for at least 15 years now (just different levels from day to day), and since this thing reared it's ugly head 18 months ago I've been having problems walking. I've been going to physical therapy, but have had several setbacks (leg pain caused by a lift I was given for my left leg - which got switched out to a full custom-made orthotic; the ankle issue reared it's ugly head again; I came down with a few sinus infections, bronchitis & pneumonia; and now the SI joint's causing more problems) which is discouraging. I'm finally up to 20 minutes walking on the treadmill at a speed of 2.3. But if I go anywhere (like a carnival or spending the day at Six Gun City with my family, which I did back in August) or go shopping and am out walking a ton I usually end up paying for days... and need to see the chiropractor (as my body would be out of alignment, and one hip might be higher than the other - it's awful).

Anyhow, I wish I could tell you that I will get better, but realistically it's very unlikely. If anything, my body will continue to deteriorate health-wise over time. Needless to say I'm looking forward to that heavenly body some day with no pain whatsoever!

It's frustrating how our bodies often seem to be at war with us.

I will keep you in my thoughts Lizanne. I'm happy that you can look to a future of no pain!

Well, the boring one:

1) A better health (has been on/off sick for 3 years now)
2) A job (been without for 4 years now)
3) A cleaning lady! who also does laundry and ironing.

Now you know the things that are holding me back. Let's dish them and go for the real stuff:

1) To buy a house I found on the island of Bornholm a year ago. It's still for sale, so all I need is the Euro Jackpot - PLEASE!
2) To finish the novel I started 4 years ago, but never find time to work on.
3) To spend more than 1 week (I'll say 1 month or two) in Rome. It's the place where beauty meets tranquillity, and I feel SO good when I'm there.

And can I just add one thing: To all you travel-hungry list makers - you forgot to add Denmark to your list! Come to Copenhagen and I'll be happy to be your personal tour guide. It's not without reason it's called Wonderful Copenhagen, you know.


@ Trine: Yes, Denmark & the Netherlands (I have a friend over there)! That would be real sweet! smiley And I'll be praying your health improves & a job opens up for you, too. smiley

@Marisa: Thanks... I hope my earlier post didn't come off as complaining - that wasn't my intention - it's just the reality of it all... And, yes, I'm definitely looking forward to a future without pain. But no one knows the date or time! smiley

@Trine: I'm pretty sure we'll come to Copenhagen sometime. We'll look you up!

@Lizanne: Wow!!! I've had a crazy year and thought I had it bad. Kind of puts it back in perspective for me. I'm sorry you have had so much constant pain for so many years. I have 2 friends and 1 family member that have fibromyalgia (sp?) and they live in constant pain too... more muscular I believe, but I can't imagine functioning day to day that way. Thank God this is only our temporary home. But it is good to always remember that He doesn't give us more than we can handle, even though I myself do ask Him every once in a while if He's thast sure about my abilities. LoL

@Trine: I love love love your first number 3!!! But I'm one of those weird people I would probably clean my house before she came so no one would see my house that dirty. LoL Now laundry & dishes are my TWO least favorite chores... maybe because we have to do them so much more often than all the others. smiley AND if I ever get to come to Denmark with my hubby (or alone, ha ha) I will let you know so you can show me all the secret beauties.

@Trine: I´d like to have Denmark on my destination list too! But as I still don´t even know most parts of Brazil... Well, its just a dream...

@Lizaanne: Although my pains aren´t so severe as yours, I know I won´t probably get old well... and it has been hard for me to work in my mind... My problem in the uncle, that is a kind of degeneration, in general happens with very old people... If I had it at 27, imagine how I´ll be on my 40s? Hoping you have less pain possible smiley

Katie: I love your #5.

Great ice-breaker! I'd like to:

1) Travel the world. So far I've been all over the US and Ireland so there is plenty more to see!!! (My first choice would be France, then Australia, Greece, Tahiti. I'll stop there before I list the world!!!)

2) Skydive

3) Go to see the Olympics live.

on my bucket list -
1. a pilgrimage to Israel which i am planning to do come January next year (yay!) i do hope the peace situation there will improve and it will be safe to travel there. i wouldn't want to "kick the bucket" just yet since i have other things on my bucket list.

2. i would like travel a part of "El Camino de Santiago" and receive the compostela, a certificate of accomplishment given to pilgrims on completing the Way. To earn the compostela one needs to walk a minimum of 100 km. i saw some pilgrims walking this route when i was in Spain last year.

3. i would like to be a grandmother or foster mother to a child waiting to be adopted. my sister is a foster mother to a baby boy and it is such a delight to have a baby in the family (my youngest is now 19 years old).

4. i would like to retire and have all the time to do arts and crafts! and of course i would like to have a whole studio all to myself!

@Christy: there is NO WAY in the world I would jump out of a perfectly fine airplane... You are a very BRAVE woman! smiley

@Peggy: I would love to do a pilgrimage through Israel and see all the places mentioned in scripture, first hand. What an amazing trip that will be for you. wishing you safe passage!

@Peggy: If you're planning your trip for Jan 2013, you should stop by Amman, Jordan and visit me! We're right next door.

Also, have you seen the movie The Way? It's pretty good and is about some pilgrims walking the Camino de Santiago. Definitely makes you want to go yourself.

Wow, wow! You ladies all have such ambitious goals and plans ... I'm about to enter my final year of post-grad study while working, having a fully developed social life, trying to run a blog, and scrapping. So, the one thing that fills up all my bucket (talking of that bucket list, lol) is to find periods of rest between all the busyness. Will be happy when 2013 is over, lol!

Wow everyone has great items on their lists... Great idea Shawna... lets see if I can make my own list... in random order... and I warn you some of these were already mentioned to a certain extent...

1) I want to travel outside the USA... I've never even been to Canada or Mexico... everyone else in my family has not only crossed both borders but they've left the continent at some point... I specifically want to see... Sweden, Italy, Ireland, and France... There are other countries on my list too like Egypt and Greece and several places in Africa but I want to go to this museum in Sweden, The Historiska Museet in Stockholm and see their Viking exhibit... it's supposedly one of the best Viking exhibits in the world... my fascination with Vikings came after my Grandmother told me that our ancestors came to Ireland as Vikings and they never left... which leads to my wanting to go to Ireland too... and I have a friend in Scotland that I would love to meet in person... Italy and France I want to see because when I'm in school I'm working on two BFA's (Graphic Design and Photography, though I often get lost in the painting classes too...) and my minor is in Art History... so I want to see all the Art and Architecture in those two countries and I desperately want to go to the Luvre to see my all time favorite painting (Le dejeuner sur l'herbe (The Luncheon on the Grass) by Édouard Manet) I pretty much want to go everywhere and learn about the history of everywhere and see all their art and architecture...

2.) I want to be healthy enough and mentally, emotionally and financially stable enough to be able to finish my two art degrees and maybe even get a MFA.

3.) I want to open my own Design firm.

4.) I want to learn how to do computer animation and how to build CGI models.

5.) I want to find (or make) a list of the 500 most important/influential and or underrated books of all time and read all of them.

6.) I want to write a novel (I currently practice by writing fan fiction)

7.) I want to live in New York City again... and I want to be there for New Years Eve in Times Square and the Forth of July to see the Fireworks at least once each.

8.) I want my Brother to call at least once when he doesn't want something from me, of course now that he lives thousands of miles away he never calls now cuz I'm not close enough to run over and give him a ride to the auto mechanics... seriously.. he moved to Colorado in August of last year with his wife and in almost a year and a half he's NEVER called me... not even once... oh and not backing out of plans we've made the few times he does visit the area would be nice too.

9.) I want to meet my friend Cath who lives in Australia... so I guess I want to add Australia to my list of Countries I want to visit.

10.) I want to meet Patty Duke and Glenn Close and thank them both for all the advocate work they do for the mentally ill and trying to end the stigma attached to it.

But above those ten things I most of all want to be able to leave my house or my parents house without having a major panic attack just for going outside or going some place with other people... I want real life friends and I don't want to hear voices and see people who aren't there and I don't want to go manic ever again and I never want to be hypo manic or depressed ever again either.... I want to be able to finish school and have a real job and get off of disability... In short I want to be normal.

But I know that that will never happen... I've been dealt the hand I've been dealt and there's no re-dealing... so in place of being normal I'd settle for those ten things I mentioned first.

Sarah Higgins wrote:
I want to see all the Art and Architecture in those two countries and I desperately want to go to the Luvre to see my all time favorite painting (Le dejeuner sur l'herbe (The Luncheon on the Grass) by Édouard Manet) I pretty much want to go everywhere and learn about the history of everywhere and see all their art and architecture...

I am obessed with going to Florence in Italy due to that: I really would like to see all that I studied in person! And, of course, walk on the streets where DaVinci possibly met Machiavelli someday...

Great list, anyway. Things change in unexpected ways, so never say never smiley