Oh Goodness, I feel stupid..

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Oh Goodness, I feel stupid..

So.. has anyone else done this?

after Marisa graciously offered us the Bedouin nights kit sets to be downloaded all at once..
I have been since downloading the elements individually without looking to see that I ALREADY HAD THEM! smiley Yes, I am 47 years old and quite possibly losing my mind.. the older I get.. it will probably only get worse! Haha.. ahhh all we can do is laugh at ourselves and realize we definitely have our absent minded moments..

Oh no Katie! I didn't think to mention that everyone probably already had them! I've just been uploading them for a few reasons:

1. Eventually there will be people here who don't have them.
2. In the future we'll have fancy list making abilities which will require that all the assets be up so people can tag them in layouts they've used them in, etc.

For these reasons I am working on uploading various old freebies that many of you might already have! Including lots of old blog trains and things. Over the next two months there will be lots of these old things mixed in with new things. So be sure to check!

Don't worry Katie, you're not the only one with malfunctioning grey matter. smiley

Don't worry i've been downloading duplicate of things too smiley

Me too. I'll see something and think "Oooh! I love that!" and then I find it in my files and then I think, "Well, I really DO love that!" I am obsessed with using my download credits EVERY. DAY. And then after I've used my last one, I see something else I want and I have to wait 24 hours. smiley

I got the habit of open my pixel scrapper folder before using my credits, some time ago, as I did this some times. And when I don´t check previously... I always download something that I have smiley I am also paying more attention to the tags Marisa use in the assets, to see if they come from a kit that I already have.

Oh, yes, we have all done that at some point. What I find even more STUPID! is, that I do the same in the STORES!! Yes, I buy (and pay) the same thing twice. I have even purchased the same kit THREE times. My age is close to Katie's so maybe it DOES have something to do with it. But my personal theory is, that everything I have done it with, is something I fall absolutely in love with. And we all know that love makes you blind, so who says we can't fall in love with the same thing (person) over and over again? I just praise my good taste in doubles and then give them away as Christmas gifts smiley


Whew! I feel better now knowing I am not alone in my insanity smiley

I have a suggestion, Marisa... what if you were to upload those old goodies under a different folder/header? Like maybe "Assets Prior to 2012" or something like that? This way folks like us won't make duplicate downloads. (I am just as guilty as all of you in doing that ... one of my friends lovingly calls it "CRS Disease." smiley )

Or would it be a possibility to have an icon (like the heart) that you can click once you download an item? That way, you could keep track of everything right on the site. Or maybe that would be too time consuming on the coding end of things?

I know Jordan is planning on making a notification for if you've downloaded something. He might even do it right now. We'll see.

As for things that I put up as freebies and then later upload, I'm not sure how to best mark this. I generally keep the kit tag the same, so old blog train are still called "DST 2011 Dec Blog Train," so if you look over in the tags to see what kit it's a part of, that might help. I realize it's not super clear what kit things are a part of. Hopefully once we get kits on the site that will be more clear.

Also, I upload the pieces from the newsletter freebies a few days later, and I've started noting that in the description.

So, while we work through these kinks, you can think of it as brain training. Try to remember to check out the tags and description.

Alternatively, I could stop sending out freebies... smiley

Noooooooooooooooooooo XD

I need the old freebies back, as I lost lots of them... Oh, I need to tell you all this story! Let me start a new topic...

@Marisa Oh no no no, this is NO ONE'S fault but my own. If anyone needs to create something to remind me of what I have already downloaded it is ME. I really only started this thread to make fun of myself and my forgetfulness and laugh at myself. Everyone's responses were awesome. We need to laugh at ourselves from time to time and slips like this reminds us to be more organized smiley

Somehow I didn't think anyone would go for my solution...

I just heart everything i download smiley So if i open a thing that i've alreaddy downloaded i see that i've hearted it smiley It works for me smiley

I can stick with hearting my downloads as well. I definitely appreciate the freebies that you give out!!

I post a "Thank You" comment on everything I've downloaded. If I see my post, then I know I have it somewhere on my computer, lol.
You may see a couple "Thank You's" on the same item from me...soooo, yes, it's happened to me too.

I use the hearts to keep track of what I want to download later.

I have done this as well. I love the idea of hearting everything I download. I am going to have to start doing that.

I think you might have given a few people heart attack... Thank you for all the great freebies! You're amazing.

ROFLOL... I just saw everyone fall to the ground and scream.... Nooooooooo! smiley

LMAO, this was funny!

I post a "Thank You" comment on everything I've downloaded. If I see my post, then I know I have it somewhere on my computer, lol.
You may see a couple "Thank You's" on the same item from me...soooo, yes, it's happened to me too.

I use the hearts to keep track of what I want to download later.

Oh, I really like this idea. Gives you a way to keep a "wishlist" and a "downloaded list." I might have to copy you!

@ Tina: Me too... I'm always seeing your comments when I do mine... I think I'm always one step behind you. LoL