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keep me logged in

Hi! I mentioned this idea in another forum, and so I think it might have been overlooked. I am requesting a "keep me logged in" key so I don't continually get kicked out "due to inactivity". Many sites let you stay in all day, some even for days or weeks. I would like to be able to at least do it for the day. I come and go from the site and my computer, and it would be so nice to not have to do anything to resume my interaction on the site.
Thanks for your consideration!

Thanks for the feedback. This needs to be done in connection with a "remember me" feature in order to be secure (otherwise if you log in on a public computer, others will be able to access your account).

However, I've gone ahead and extended the inactivity period to 6 hours. So as long as you do something on the site within every six hour window, it should keep you logged in all day.

I just noticed that I was still logged in as well!
Thank you for that!
My laptop crashed last night, too much scrappin' I suppose. Naturally...I panicked when I forgot ALL OF MY PASSWORDS! But-I definitely didn't forget my pixel password smiley

Thank you Jordan! I noticed this yesterday too. So great and so fast! smiley

Thank you. I too come and go throughout the day...and I love that some sites keep you logged in for days or weeks as long as you come back occasionaly. It seems I compute in snatches so love not having to log in every time.

I just wanted to stop by and add my two cents in to say that this is a feature I would like, too. smiley

I noticed today that my computer has *remembered* my password so much quicker for me, as I made a complicated password I have to find everyime I login. LOL

Great idea!

It seems like a little thing, but this really is the site I experience a little bit of dread coming to every day, knowing I'll have to log in once again. There's something about the way the login works here that means Chrome doesn't automatically remember my info, either. I would really be thrilled if there was a way to implement a feature that would let me stay logged in for longer.

I still have to log in every day too with google chrome remembering it. I thought it was just me for the longest time since no one else mentioned it. SOOOO.... I found a temporary solution (maybe until Jordan can get it fixed on his GIANT to-do list). smiley

This is what I finally figured out and it seems to work ok enough with only one extra step.
1) Go to (I saved this link to my desktop for the time being.)
2) Right Click on LogIn button; Then go down to open in new tab.
3) Fill in your username and password & click sign in button.
4) Tell Chrome at the top to save password (user info) for this site.
5) Log Out


Go to the link you saved in step one to your desktop
Repeat steps 1 & 2 above and your info should be filled in and you can just hit the Sign In button.

I know it's one extra step having to right click and open in new tab each day, but all my log in info is there for me. It's the only way after a few months I was able to make google save it for me. BUT... it still won't work from the home page when I click Log In and have to input all my info. smiley

Thanks, Shawna!

Thanks for this Shawna - it worked! I thought it was just me!

YW Ladies! smiley

Thanks for sharing, Shawna!

Another shortcut is to just direct your browser to (which, if you're logged out, will show a log in form), and log in every time from there. Chrome should be able to save you password on that page without a problem.

Not sure what Chrome won't save the password in the popup form, but I'll look into that...

Me too! I would love to be logged in more than a few hours!

I, too, would like this feature!

Bump. There are a lot of these threads. Combined this is a lot of hearts...

Good point, Tiffany smiley

I too use chrome, and I have to fill my name and password every time I visit Pixel Scrapper, which is every day, but when I then want to return to P.S. in the same day, I then have to re: login again. As with Violet, Chrome does not allow me to use the remember me option when logging in to Pixel Scrapper, is there a way through Pixel Scrapper that my name and password can be remembered?

I will be working to implement that in the future, Linda. For now, if you log in using the following url, Chrome should remember your username and password for you. Just login at:

Thanks Jordan, I have tried it and it works, as I check in and out of Pixel Scrapper many times a day, it is great not to have to keep logging in every time.

Thanks again for the help.