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Forum - keeping track of your own posts

Jordan, is it possible to have this feature added?

Sometimes I would like to know which topics I've posted in so that I can come back to them and make a further reply.
As more topics are added it gets difficult to remember which ones I've replied to (grey matter declining here).

Hi Liz. Do you mean an option to see all the topics you have started, or an option to see all topics you have posted in (including replies)?

(Moving this to feature requests).

Thanks for moving this Jordan, I was extremely tired when I posted and wasn't paying attention.
Both options would be great, along with an option to track a fav topic even if you haven't posted in it.

@Liz: love this suggestion!!!

@Jordan: I say both! smiley

Hi Jordan,

Maybe you could somehow use the Activity stream (which is not yet activated, oooooh the suspense!!!) to show people that have replied to your posts directly or mentioned you (by using @Melo). I saw an really old reply/mention to me in the Introduce yourself section (which I don't visit that often), so I would have liked to know that someone mentioned me there...

@Melouise: good idea. I'll have to think about how best to implement something like that...

I think people are looking for something like notifications on Facebook. I agree, that would make it much easier to interact vs. sifting through the forums for replies to your posts. smiley

@Janet: unfortunately, a notification system like Facebook's is easier said than done smiley, but I agree that we need to implement something along those lines... will work on it!

I really need this feature, too! Thank you!

bump to top... so people will see this has already been answered... smiley

Maybe this can work as an easy programming option. If you add a "search by user name" option to the forum then people could just search for themselves to see their posts/comments. Is there a script that would add user's names to your keyword list automatically so this could function?

I was just thinking how hard it is to remember where I posted, glad I am not the only one!

Thanks for the ideas, Kim! I'll definitely be thinking about how best to tackle this...

Yaaay! That would be a brilliant feature!
Not only for myself but sometimes someone will post a question or comment to something I've written earlier and never get a reply because I've forgotten where I wrote it.

Thank you for all the great updates you make!

Yes! The other forums I subscribe to let you know when something you've posted or commented on has a reply. This forum is so busy, I forget what the title of what I commented on is, and I have to go spend 30 minutes searching to see if some has replied.

The other forums seem to notify by email when a topic you posted in is updated. It's not a link on the profile that I know of. Isthat what people are looking for and would the email notifications be difficult to implement?

Love this and so glad Jordan is working on it!
Thank you so very much! Once this is up and running, it will be a great addition to the forum! smiley smiley

I really will love this feature, specially to know who has "heart" or comment on any of my layouts..