Template downloaded as jpg [fixed]

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Template downloaded as jpg [fixed]

Hey there Marisa/Jordan:

I was trying to download this template and it acted really weird, almost like the start downloaded was hit twice.
It finally downloaded to my pc but it is only as a jpg at 500x500... not a zip or psd. Also, it took away 4 credits from me for the day. smiley

TIA for your help.

Thanks Shawna. I've fixed it. Some of the layout templates seem to have lost their .ZIP files in the move. A good way to check to be sure an item is how you want it is to look at the File Info to the right. If a layered template says .JPEG you know something is wrong.

is there anyway I can get my 4 DC's I lost trying to download smiley

Hey Shawna, sorry for the delay here... I'll try to get some extra DC to you tomorrow.

Thx Jordan: NP I figured you were a very busy man smiley

Finally got you those download credits Shawna... with interest to make up for the delay smiley

Thanks Jordan!!! I don't mind earning interest on scrapping goodies, because our money sure isn't right now... smiley
Have a great night!

ugggh... I did it again downloading without noticing it beforehand... that this template is in jpg form.
I downloaded yesterday in a really big hurry, went to unzip all my files tonight while catching up and realized it's only a jpg, no psd. smiley
I promise I will TRY to watch more closely before using my points and letting you know.

@Shawna: It's good to know about these broken templates in any case... I'll let Marisa know about this one (and I'll give you some extra DC).

I never even pay attention to that - guess I'll need to start to! Thanks! smiley

@Marisa: Thanks for fixin' it to a psd smiley
@Jordan: Thanks for giving me the credits to get it again as a psd! smiley