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Scrapbook Max

Does anyone else use this program? I would love to know how to use the templates and quick pages with this software. And yes, I tried photoshop and it was a disaster. lol

Sorry, but I don't know this program. Is it a graphic software or a photo book software?
Many of us use (besides of Photoshop) Photoshop Elements or also Paint Shop Pro.
I've used several version of PSP over the last 16 years (also tried Photoshop and own Elements and Gimp, but rarely use these ones).

If you use a better known software it will be much easier to get help because much more members will be familiar with the software and can answer specific questions you might have.

I haven't heard of that one either Max.

Meg, have you tried Photoshop Elements? I have heard that it is a bet user-friendly more than photoshop.

Seems like Scrapbook Max is an old program..
most recent blog entry from Scrapbook Max is from 2016...
the latest version Scrapbook Max 2.0 is from 2012

I have never tried it..

I might try it out...

There is a Scrapbook Max 2. I have never heard of this. It appears to be an easy to learn and work with program with limited templates. Not sure if you can import elements. There is a 30 day trial to tray the program before you buy.

I use psp 9 that is what I have always used. I also use animation shop. I probably should upgrade but I know 9 like the back of my hand. Hard to change.... Lol. I never heard of that one. ‚̧Nae