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Zip file questions

Hi, I am sure that this has been asked before, but for some reason today I am search challenged, and cannot find anything on it.

When putting up a kit, for say, the blog train, or anything, how do you ladies decide how large a file? Do you separate your elements and papers? My file for the blog train is about 78mb, and I think that is a little large, so I was thinking about separating it, but I wanted to hear your thoughts on when to separate, and what you separate. Also, if you do separate, do you make a separate preview for each, like just an elements preview and just a paper preview, or just separate links?

Thanks smiley

I think 30-80MB range works well. Most people do separate the papers, elements and alphas and do a preview for each, but I've seen plenty put all together in the same zip. It's easier if you ask me (even if it might take a little longer to download)

Hi Dawn. I´d keep your kit in only one zip.

I´ve read two recomendations. The wendyzine quality manual says to split if more than 100MB. The designer mentoring class from Scraps and Pieces recomended 70 mb. So I guess 78 is ok.

Ladies, where do I download 7zip? I am not sure now if the information about it get lost in today´s crash or not...

I like to keep my files really small for the people who are on dial up. I usually try to keep them under 50MB and usually make separate zip files for paper, embellishments, alphas, etc. Sometimes, if I'm not too lazy, I'll also upload one big file of the entire kit for people who have a fast internet connection, but not very often since it takes a long time to upload.

Thanks Marisa!

I found out when I did the April birds & bees that google docs will not scan a zip larger than somewhere right around 20 for now, I'll be keeping mine under that...(hence my 3 for June). I don't like for folks to see the "can't virus scan" message! I also like to see papers separate from elements and previews for what is actually in the zip, just a little OCD that way.