Missing letter in Oxford Alpha Kit

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Missing letter in Oxford Alpha Kit

Hi Marisa,
I downloaded the Oxford Alphas Kit http://www.pixelscrapper.com/marisa-lerin/kits/oxford-alphas-kit-vintage-black-coral-purpleat this link and the folder named "marisaL-oxford-alpha-pd" has two "l" and two "t" but no "u" letter.
Could you fix this please?

Sorry about that!! Click here for the letter u.

The crazy thing is the I remember double checking that one. A lot of good that did me smiley

Thanks Marisa smiley

Thanks so much! That's the alpha I wanted to use for my sunset page, but since the title of the page was "Sunset", I couldn't. lol.

Thank you Marisa - I had not noticed either!?

Haha, I didn't notice either... Even if I have used the alpha...