New Forums, Looking for Moderators

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New Forums, Looking for Moderators

There have been some requests to organize and start some new forums. This is really great news. I can't believe how fast the community has taken off here. However, even with some new organization, the forums are becoming too big for me to moderate by myself, and so we are looking for some volunteers to help out.

As a moderator at Pixel Scrapper, you will be expected to:

1. Be familiar with the way Pixel Scrapper works (see the support pages, and make sure everything there is clear to you), and with the forum guidelines and profile expectations.

2. Be an active participant in the forum you are moderating. This includes reading all posts in your forum (generally speaking), replying to posts frequently, and initiating new threads if things seem quiet (and generally when you have a good idea for a new thread smiley .

3. Gently but firmly enforce Pixel Scrapper’s forum guidelines and profile expectations when necessary. People who do not adhere to the guidelines should be informed and pointed in the right direction. If they continue to ignore the guidelines, you should remove posts as necessary and inform us about the problem. (If people have any particular concerns or disagreements with the guidelines, we are of course open to feedback.)

4. Keep your forum organized.

  • Move misplaced posts to the correct forum (e.g. support requests should be moved to the support forum, feature requests to the feature request forum, etc.). A “ghost copy” should be left for any topic that is moved.
  • Redundant threads should be discouraged: if someone starts a new thread for a topic that is already being discussed, the thread should be closed, and they should be pointed to the already active topic.
  • Help threads to stay generally on-topic, and encourage people to start a new thread if they want to move off-topic.

(You will have access to basic tutorials for all these tasks.)

5. For software specific forums, you are expected to have enough knowledge of the program to answer questions and/or guide people to other helpful resources.

6. If something comes up and you can no longer fulfill your moderating duties, please inform us as soon as possible, so that we can find someone to take on your duties.

You won't be alone: All forums will have at least two moderators.

What's in it for you?

  1. A warm fuzzy feeling inside smiley
  2. A badge under your name, indicating you are a moderator. Talk about prestige... smiley
  3. More download credits than anyone else! All moderators will instantly receive 12 DC per day for as long as they are a moderator.

Forums Under Consideration

We still need moderators for these forums. We won't create a forum until we have 2 moderators for it.

  • Chit Chat
  • Digital Scrapbooking Discussion
  • Software: Photoshop Elements
  • Software: Paint Shop Pro
  • Software: Other, we are willing to open a forum for any software if we can find 2 knowledgeable people to moderate it.

I will still continue to moderate the general discussion forums, as well as the Photoshop forum, along with any volunteers. However, I know pretty much nothing about the other software programs, so if if you sign up for that one you'll be in charge smiley


Please email me at, subject line "Forum Moderator." In your email simply indicate your preference of forum. We'll likely only give you one or two, but if you're interested in more, you can rate them as most desired to least. If you're applying for a software specific forum, a little bit about your experience would be appreciated. Also, be sure your profile is following our Profile Expectations.

Thanks everyone for making this such a great place!

Hey everyone! We still really need some moderators. I promise it doesn't take too much time, and you never know what special perks we'll decide to come out with!

Sent you an email, would love to help out!

I sent one yesterday, too. Hope you got it.

sent you an email Marisa!!! smiley

Thanks guys! I did get them all, and Jaclyn I think having a photography forum would be great. Maybe some photography challenges? I'm going to put it on the list and see if we can get someone to help you!

Oohhh, that 12 DC is tempting. I'm going to have to think about that one. Are there enough hours in the day? How long are you guys spending on moderating?

@Kristen - I pop in and out of the forums a couple of times a days just to see if there is anything new that I have expertise on or to offer encouragement, comment on a layout. All totaled, I spend about 30 minutes maybe, in two-three minute increments.

Hi Kristen, we´d for sure love having you as a moderator too! In my opinion, (and I am moderating 2 huge sub-forums), it don´t demand too many time.

I use to be in the forum during the working day (I am helping my friend in her pet shop while I don´t have any crafts hired and she doesn´t have money to pay a more experienced employee - yes, the crisis is very hard here) so I connect often but with just some minutes each time. The good on this forum is that, unlikely other forums it shows you what you haven´t read even if you log out and log in again - what is great for me! So, when I arrive home, just need a couple more minutes. Also my partner Shawna is really an awesome lady that "covers my back", and we complement each other in our work.

As you are already active on forum, I think you can do it. If you doubt, can do like me: Before writing to apply, I disciplined myself to check - and reply- the fourm everyday for a week. As I could follow it, I applied smiley

Hello Kristen,

My daughter's is Kristin, so If I type fast and make a mistake, it is from habit.

If you enjoy reading the various posts and commenting on them as well as starting a new post yourself. If you enjoy surfing the web for new item. Or sharing what you have already found. than you are already doing the things we do as moderators.

Time, I check in late at night when it is quiet at home and I am relaxed. Sometimes I check in during the day, but there are other moderators and they check in also. It does not take a lot of time. It is enjoyable. You can also try it out, if it is just not for you, than let Marisa know and there is nothing lost.

Hey Kristen: I work with Lórien & Marisa (covering two larger forums) I would say all together I probably spend about 7-10 hours here a week at the website total. I read our two forums first and answer anything in them I can help with... but I mosy on over and read all the others for my own knowledge and if I know an answer I give an answer there too, since I know Jordan & Marisa are slammed busy between the site and their regular jobs... I just try to help in any way I can. My time here also includes my download time... -- BUT as you can also tell by my posts count I'm a Chatty Cathy sometimes... so I would probably say you could get away with about 1/2 hr a day

If i didn't have a baby on the way i would love to help smiley I have thought about it for a while but there's not uch time left befor the baby comes and after that my time will be very limited smiley

Jessica! Congrats! When is the baby coming?

If you are still looking for moderators, I would love to be one. I have Photoshop Elements, so I could do that forum. The tricky part is that we just moved, so I don't have internet at home yet, but I can start in the next week or so.

Update - just say the original post and sent an email.

it's supose to come 29 jan smiley Can only hope it stays in that long smiley

I would love to see a photography specific forum. I am always up to learn new things. Oops, just looked around some more and see that there is one newly in place.

@Brandi: I didn't seem to get your email about being a moderator. I don't know if it got lost in all the emails that had built up while I was away, but if you could send it again, that would be great.

Also, this means we will need just 1 more person for the Photoshop Elements Forum, so if you are on the fence, now is a great time to apply!