August blogtrain ideas?

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August blogtrain ideas?

Is it too soon to start thinking about a theme and colorscheme for the August train? I don't know about you, but with summer holidays coming up I would like an early start, since I will probably not have a lot of time to design anything from our campingsite smiley

I'll go first. How about "Travel around the world"? I think it would be great if we could all do a part from our own country or State. But then again, finding a matching colorscheme might be tricky...

What are your ideas?

I think the "Travel around the world" would be so cool but you're right about finding a matching colorscheme!

Sure we can start. Please leave color palette and theme ideas, and then I'll choose my favorites for a poll (I love being in charge smiley )

This palette could be nice for around the world. Good jump start on fall colors too.

wow Marisa, I love those colors!!

I love the color palette!

Love the colors. Question--Who can submit a kit for the blog train?

Great colors and theme!

I agree with everyone, this is a lovely color palette and suits the theme pretty well too!

@Marisa do we have to have a vote? Love the theme and love that palette! I have plans to participate now that I have a blog and have taken a design class! I like that there are a LOT of colors included, it is so much easier with more than five colors!

Ooh, what a pretty palette! I think I could probably design something that would work well with life here in MN too. smiley

Just thought I would point out that the Digi Shop Talk July blog train is a similar theme. Do you think its a good idea to do one with the same theme when a big train just the month previous had a similar theme (and the colours are fairly similar to DST as well)? I'll be participating in the DST one, but I don't know that I could(want) do two kits with the same theme... Sorry, don't mean to throw a wrench in the works...

Cat, I think you're right! That is more or less what they are doing over at DST. Anyone have any other ideas for August?

@Donna: Everyone can participate!

When I think of August, I think of the end of summer/back to school. I don't know how early or late other parts of the country/world start but in New Hampshire we go back to school around the last week of August. College classes usually start at the beginning of September. I'm not a mom myself but I know there are plenty of mothers here on PS that I think may like a kit like this. Just my thoughts smiley

Here in Brazil, August is considered a month of bad luck and unpleasant things happening. It´s also the month where people say that people and animals go crazy. It´s also the month for dogs and cats vaccination. Would a "crazy critters" theme be good? Or maybe pets theme?

I think the crazy critters would be a good idea too! Kinda funny how August is considered a month of bad luck/unpleasant things and that's when kids in America go back to school after summer vacation haha!

Love the alpine color palette. End of the year school stuff kept me too busy to participate recently, so I would love to get started early and do the August blog train.

I like the Back to School/End of Summer/Learning theme. Items that can be considered "Back to School" could also be used for an office/work type thing as well. I love animals too, but I honestly pass on animal related scrapping things because I'm not allowed to have pets where I live. =/ Not everyone has pets, and some people have non traditional pets like snakes or hedgehogs. I think that the School or Learning theme would connect with more people because even though a lot of people don't have children in school, everyone has been to school or learning something before in their lifetime. Just my take. smiley

I LOVE the color scheme Marisa picked out and hope we use it, but if not, I will definitely try to use it in the future:) I like the idea of travel, back to school, Birthday, baseball, boy oh boy (any boy related theme), and the pet theme isn't bad with the colors...

I love the colors that Marisa posted as well as doing an "around the world" theme. If you think about it, every designer will be coming out with back to school kits in August. It would be nice to have something different than everyone else don't you think?? Just wanted to throw that thought out there.

I'm in Florida, so for me, August is very hot and sticky and still technically beach season. I could make Marisa's colors work for Florida smiley

@Vanessa: Thats why I said crazy critters, not crazy pets. You can make monsters, or even crazy flowers (like the ones from the plants vs. zoombies game) or crazy food critters (like the cookie monster - here in Brazil we have also a crazy red jelly). I´ll look for a good palette with this theme as soon as I have time.

Will we do a colab on September also? as we have chosen the colab and the blog train themes and palettes together last time, I think we can do it again smiley

@Tina - I thought about that as well. =P It would be cool to do something more unique. smiley

@Lorien - I didn't think of it that way, but that sounds cute! I always love cute little creatures like monsters. =P

@Sharilynn, I grew up in CT, so to me school didn't start until labor day. But my son, born just after Labor Day, as in 12:45am - his HS starts the first or just barely 2nd week in AUG...I think his senior yr first day is the 7th. He's doing the Senior mentoring and they spend a whole day training before they get to walk the freshmen through orientation. The training is near the end of JULY! Crazy! We are still hot and muggy here in IN.

What about moving from pond life to fishing hiking camping? Something like last hike or trails end, focusing on the end of holiday as opposed to the beginning of school, if everyone else will probably be doing the crack the books.

I like the hiking camping theme- it fits well for Montana smiley and I agree that everyone will be doing a Back to School type thing in August/Sept.

August is the height of the UK summer and all our schools are on holiday all month so it is a fabulous month here not a "bad luck" month but that summer sun (if it comes) can turn people crazy so crazy critters would fit. Sounds fun. I really like the travel idea too and the school is good but it is not so good when 2 groups are doing similar trains.

@Laura - I really like the "one last" camping/hiking/fishing trip of summer idea. smiley

I like the camping/hiking theme. Almost everything I've been designing is kind of "girly". This would give me an opportunity to do something more masculine...

I love the camping/hiking one as well! I remember camping a lot at the end of summer when I was a kid and it was my favorite thing to do. If I didn't have such a messed up back, I'd still camp out a lot!

Well I've not really done much picking of color pallettes, so if anyone else has suggestions for that theme...or other ideas...

Can't we use the colors Marisa picked? Everyone seemed to like them and they go well with the hiking/camping theme. Or are they really too similar to the DST train?

@Melo: If I understand well, it´s pretty much the same palette.

I still can´t find the right palette for "crazy cute critters" theme. Although I really like this one, its so girly:

And this one lacks pink and purple, which are actually good colors for crazy critters...

What do you think?


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