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April: thanks for posting the error message. Regarding your account questions, we do keep track of your downloads, and hope to let you re-download items, upgrade licenses, etc. For now you just have to use more credits.

Tina: If you're wanting to navigate a coordinating kit, then what Marisa said. But if you just want to be able to browse through Christmas assets, you can do that using tags. Just click on "show more" under "filter by tags", and then click on the "Christmas" tag.

Step 1: screenshot

Step 2: screenshot

That will take you to this page:

Of course you can also just search the site for "Christmas".

link to blog train contribution not working

Diana, the link seems to be working fine for me. Are you still having problems? The site "moved" yesterday so who knows what little kinks that kicked up.

Challenges will be great! Yay! I want callenges!!!

About the pictures in the gallery... are you planing om enlargeing them? smiley Or make them clickeble to be enlarge smiley I love looking trough your creation but sometimes it's hard to see it all because of the size smiley

I am so glad the site is up. I haven´t had too much time to check it all out but it looks great. Your site is really awesome for anyone wanting to do digital scrapbooking.

Hi Marisa! I tried to read all of the ¨welcome¨message on the home page but when I clicked the link to finish reading the welcome text I got an error message saying that the page was not found.

I tried to download tag 18, but it downloaded a travel tag/label instead. Is perhaps the link not correct?
Well done on the new site otherwise!

@Buttonslace: The link was messed up, but it's fixed now. Thanks for pointing that out.

@Karen: Thanks for pointing that out. The link should be fixed now!

Hi Marisa and Jordan!
I think the system for the download credits is a great idea and I fully understand it! Since I was eager to increase my number of credits, I went ahead to gain more community points by filling out my profile. On the site it says that by completely filling out your profile you get 10 points. As far as I know I filled in everything that could be filled in on my profile, but I only got 3 points. Could it be that I overlooked something? When the site was still in the beta-testing phase I already created my account as tester and already filled in some basic things in my profile. This was before the download credit system existed, so maybe the things I already filled in then where overlooked now by the community points rewarding system? Thanks in advance!

@Sharon-Dewi: Sorry, there is an issue with people getting profile points who already filled out some of their profile before the point system was created. I've manually given you 10 points to make up for it smiley

Thank you. I've noticed the list expanding and more items are showing up under each filter. That makes it so much easier to find things especially since the asset list is growing so quickly.

The new site looks great. Had to re-register but otherwise not bugs found so far.

Your site is not accurately counting DCs ... for several days in a row I have downloaded one item, worth 2 DCs and lots 4 DCs from my account.

@krwebb: Thanks for letting us know about the problem. Can you provide a bit more detail? Is it just certain items that are being deducted incorrectly (you mention 2 DC, which could be commercial use assets, or personal use templates), or are you having problems with all items? Is the correct number deducted sometimes, and sometimes the incorrect number, or is it always deducting 4 instead of 2?

I would like to be able to heart something without having to click on it and open it to a new screen - kind of like a bookmark, especially since downloads are limited. I love the site -best resource ever!

I would like this feature too! And maybe a wishlist feature, so we know easily what we want to download another day smiley

I second the wishlist thing, but that's not why I'm writing, I signed up about 4 days ago, and each day I log in the site doesn't recognize my password, so I have to pretend I lost my password, and it send me a link to long in and change my password, i keep adding the same password each time I have to make a new one. For some reason it just won't let me log in the first time around.

Just did a few downloads - didn't realize you had to be logged in to download now. So I just reloaded the pages & was able to download just fine.

Taking a bit to wrap my mind around the download credits part - some downloads seemed to be 1 "DC" and others 2 "DC." I'm not sure if I got credited correctly - think I may have lost some of my DC because I had to reload the page (not sure if it was because I don't allow pop-ups - all I know is something wasn't working right), so I think my DC's got credited more than once a couple times. Not a big issue for me, but it may be something you want to look into.

Did find one problem - when you click on "Read more..." under Welcome (at the upper left part of the site) you'll be taken to another page & get "Page not found."
Page not found › forum general discussion welcome pixel scrapper › Page not found

Wanted to read your message, but apparently I can't.

Question - if we were already signed up for your newsletter (before the new site), do we need to sign up again? When I created my account I did not check off the box to receive the newsletter because I was afraid I'd receive 2 newsletters instead of one. I want to continue to get the newsletter, just not get duplicates...

Another comment - I had a problem finding my area in the time zone... Not used to looking in "America" - used to looking under "U.S." Also used to looking for things like EST, CST, PST. Kept scrolling down until I could find something close to me - eventually selecting New York. Also had a difficulty wrapping my mind around the military time part. Don't know if these comments help or not - just thought I'd throw them out there.

Thanks for all the comments! I'll answer some, and Jordan will be around later to pick up what I don't.

Wishlists: This is coming. It may be a month or 2, but it's in the works.

"Read more" link is fixed.

Newsletter: It's the same newsletter, so you don't need to sign up again. Actually, I don't think it will let you sign up twice.

Thanks for the feedback.

Regarding the newsletter: it is the same newsletter, and it is best to check the box if you want to keep receiving it, though it shouldn't really be a problem either way. It will check to see if you are already on the list, so you should only get one copy regardless.

Christina wrote:
I would like to be able to heart something without having to click on it and open it to a new screen

We'll try to get that set up at some point!

@Michelle: that's really strange... sorry that you keep having to reset your password smiley . I'll look into this and see if I can't figure out what's going on...

Thank you, Marisa! I look forward to the Beta Tester badge & the 20 community points. You are very kind!

Thank you - it happened again tonight, but on the upside your auto reply is quick to let me log in with a one time log in smiley

I LOVE the new look! I tried downloading, but I got the following error:

"An AJAX HTTP error occurred.
HTTP Result Code: 500
Debugging information follows.
StatusText Service unavailable (with message)
Response Text:"

Also, it would be great to be able to see everything you have "hearted"

UPDATE*** I just realized (it may be posted somewhere here already) that the error comes up when you put the check mark on the pop up box that explains the download credits. There is a check mark saying "don't show this message again" or something to that effect. If that check mark is not marked, then you can download without a problem. smiley

Thanks for the great work! Can't wait to be able to donate to the site. I love making LO templates, which I would love to share.

@Natalia: you can browse through everything you've hearted by going to your profile and clicking on the "hearts" tag on the left hand side. See this screenshot:

Are you still getting an error when trying to download? If so, I would suggest trying a different browser, and seeing if you still get it...

@Michelle: It's been a crazy day, but I will try to get your problem sorted soon!

@Michelle: Just sent you an email with a new password... let me know if you can log in with it.


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