Traveling... expect delayed response.

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Traveling... expect delayed response.

As some of you know, Marisa and I are in the process of moving back to the States (Oregon) after two years of living in Amman, Jordan. Before living in Amman we were teaching English in Korea, and haven't been back to the U.S. for five years... We have family reunions scheduled, and relatives and friends to see in a variety of places (including spending some time with my sister in England on our way), and the transition is going to take some time. In fact, it will be over a month before we actually arrive in Oregon!

We hope to have internet access most days from now until then, but we can't guarantee it. This is all to say that if we seem a bit slow getting back to you in the forums, or by email, it's probably because we're not connected. We are going to make support requests our first priority for response: please realize that we absolutely care about any problems that come up and will do our best to get back to you as soon as we can. Also know that despite the upheavals of moving, this website is very much a priority for us, and we will be working on it full time once we get to Oregon. So if things seem to slow down a little, it's only temporary: we've got a lot of exciting ideas and new features planned for later in the summer smiley.

Thanks all for your patience and understanding, as usual smiley. And thanks a lot to our moderators and upload helpers for holding down the fort while Marisa and I are traveling!

THank you Jordan for the info.

Have a safe, fun trip!

Safe travels and enjoy your time with your family!

Yay, I´m so happy to read from you! Means that you did the first step. Don´t worry, everything is going fine here smiley

No worries!
Have a fantastic time on your last leg of the journey and give a hug to the Beefeaters from me smiley

Enjoy your time with family and friends!

Just have a wonderful time and we'll try not to burn the place down or throw any wild parties while you're gone smiley

Have a safe trip you two and enjoy the visit with your sis Jordan,there's nothing better then family.
Have a great time!!

Thanks for the heads up. I hope that you both have fun with your families in the upcoming weeks!

Marisa and Jordan have a wonderful time visiting with your family and friends during your transition!

How exciting for you! All the best. Happy travels

Hope you have safe travels and that you have a great time visiting family and friends!

Safe travels and enjoy the journey! Whereabouts in England are you going?

Hope you're having a GREAT time! Y'all deserve it. Take time to enjoy it. We'll still be here!

Safe travels!

Where in Oregon? I'm in Tacoma, Washington.

Welcome back to the US enjoy your family