Welcome New Moderators!

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Welcome New Moderators!

We've welcomed some new members to our team! Be extra nice to these ladies as you see them helping around the forums. We're so glad to have them!

Also, I just wanted to say thanks again to our moderators who've retired. We couldn't have done it without you!

In other news, we're hoping to announce the new uploaders soon, so stay tuned!

Chit Chat
Lórien Rezende
Sharilynn Marie

Digital Scrapbooking Discussion
Shawna Adkerson
Melouise Vrijhif

Software Related Questions
Judy Salerno*

Sarah Higgins

Layout Challenges - Kaleena Farmer
Designer Challenges - Dawn West

Elizabeth Minkus

*We're hoping to get the new forums up and running soon.

Congratulations ladies and thank you!

Thanks for stepping up to the plate and helping out with moderating, ladies!!! I am sure you will have fun.

Congratulations, ladies!!!

awesome! smiley

Welcome to the club!

Yaaay! Thank you all! And congratulations!

Congratulations ladies!!
I almost signed up for this,however i just didn't.

Congrats all!

congratualtions ladies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Congratulations, ladies!!!


Congratulations, everyone! =D

Thanks for all the love! I'm looking forward to getting to know everyone even more and helping everyone out!

Congrats ladies! Thank you for stepping up to the plate. smiley

Congrats to all!!

Congrats! Woot! Woot! xoxox Beth

Thanks for being here and be so supportive everyone! If you haven´t been around, we wouldnt have anything to moderate smiley

congratulations to you all!!!!!

Congratulations to all and thank you all for offering you time and talents to keep this super website running smoothly.