Lost all my DCs since download didn't work

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Lost all my DCs since download didn't work

Hi guys,
I joined on Saturday and received and used all of my 25DCs downloading stuff that day. Sorry but like an idiot, I didn't realize until today when I'm looking for my files; nothing downloaded.

I use Windows and Internet Explorer 7 and it did block me from downloading. But I kept telling it to download the file anyway and the download box poped up quick and then disappeared lickety slipt. However, I still thought it was downloading.

So I went thru this morning and read in the support forum the other people's post who had the same thing happen to them.

I followed the instructions, downloaded Foxfire, disabled the javascript and then did download something using my credits from today.

So I fixed it but would like to know if one of you webmasters would be so kind as to give me back my 25DCs that I lost on Saturday? Please. Sorry for being an idiot. Did I permanently lose my credits or is it possible for you to give them back to me?


@Kristie Marisa and Jordan are traveling right now and their internet is a bit sporadic. Be patient I am sure when Jordan can he will get back to you and provide some assistance. Just keep checking your forum post for an answer. They are currently in Europe moving back to the US next month so that is why they are at the mercy of the internet connections. Have a great day!

Thanks Janet for letting me know and responding! I appreciate it.

Do you remember what exactly did you download? If so, please go to one of those pages and check if you can re-download for free. I am not sure if re-downloading is working or not for non-donators, and don´t have a way to check at the moment.

It haven´t downloaded because you have pop ups bloked on your browser. Add an exception always allowing Pixel Scrapper to open pop ups (ito only happens when you download, and this site is add-free, with direct downloads) and try again. Also, if I´m not mistaken, Google Chrome or Firefox go better with this site than other browsers; consider downloading one of them (they are free!)

@Kristie: very sorry for the trouble. I've given you 25 bonus download credits to make up for the ones you lost. All the best.

thanks Jordon for giving me my download credits back. I really appreciate it. I love this website!! The templates are great and will really help with my scrapbooking. Hope you guys have safe and easy travel during your traveling!

Thanks Lorien for your help. The foxfire browser did work well with this website. Have a great day! smiley

The same thing happened with me just the other day. I found a tutorial on Pinterest for making your own plaid paper, so I downloaded one of the striped templates. The file wouldn't open, so I kept retrying to download it, opening it in different programs. I ended up downloading it 5 times, wasting 15 DC and none of them would open. I found a different striped template and it worked just fine. It was frustrating...

I'm sorry about your frustration Stefanne. I've given you some extra free download credits to help make up for the lost ones. Let us know if there's anything else we can do to help.

The problem may have been the zip. Some of my older templates are zipped using .7z. See here for details on opening those: http://www.pixelscrapper.com/support/nuts-bolts/opening-downloaded-files