Acquired a Action for Srap Ribbon Flowers. Made some, use them. Here is the action!

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Acquired a Action for Srap Ribbon Flowers. Made some, use them. Here is the action!

okay. i stumbled upon a GREAT action. It makes Digi scrap flower ribbons.

I been making some like crazy and using the ones I make for my digi scrapbooking needs. Not sure i can sell what i make, i'd like to sell them as a element not sure how to do that and or how to show them or how to show them, but i got some premade in various colors/patterns, i am not sure how to upload freebies or where to start with that.BUT i will figure it out eventually..

In the meantime, here is the action incase anyone wants to see it or download it from where i got it. I found it through The Scrappin Cop.

Scrap Ribbon Flower ACtion

This action is posted as CU so you can sell items made with this action. Anything that she uploaded before October 12, 2009 doesn't need a purchased commercial use license and this one is before that - anything after that date requires a purchased commercial license. She has some great commercial use stuff.

Thanks for sharing this!! If you save the flower as a .png you can create a login at for free and upload them there. Then when you want to post them as a freebie, you can just copy and past the link on the forum, and we can grab the file there! If you want to do more than one file at a time, just zip them together first. I usually use winZIP's free version to zip and unzip my files! If you need any help with it, feel free to message me and I can walk you threw it!! Thanks again for the action link!

thank you! thank you! thank you!!!! i will when i get a chance upload the ones i have made as a freebie! I have 6 premade, different colors, i plan on making more for myself, but i thought i would share the action and then also maybe the premade ones i made myself smiley

thanks cat armstrong! CU that's right.. that means Commercial Use.. duh! my head is not screwed on tight this month..LOL she does have some great stuff!

however that's a great action she has and she has many more, i hope you all enjoy!

Thanks for sharing Sara!That will keep me occupied for an evening or two... smiley

Thank you so much for sharing, Sara! I can't imagine how I missed these on her website. Woohoo! Now I'm off to play with new actions.

ha ha! No problem!

this is what the scrap flowers( or bows if you wanna call them that) look like when done.The preview for the action is okay, i have 3 sets made, this is the preview of the 1st set, this is also my 1st preview page. LOL But as you can see the action makes great scrap ribbon flowers. I have the action in texture and non texture.

I have the link for the ZIP FIle if anyone would like to download it and use them or use them as color inspiration. I have 2 other sets but no preview page. The ribbons could be textured, or not. lol

Scrap Ribbon flower ZIP file

all in all,it's a fun fun action( action above in my 1st post) and i have been having so much fun just making these things! smiley

Her CU license was $20....I went ahead and got it so I didn't have to worry about! smiley Love her stuff, too!

I thought that's weird that you had to pay for it because I always thought Scrappin Cops Stuff has always been CU. I went to her site and read here and apparently that changed on Oct 12, 2009... So I will have to relabel all her stuff on my PC as PU downloaded after that date, I guess. Thanks for the heads up Tina. Not that I'm a designer so it doesn't really affect me much, but I really do like to label them correctly in my folders. smiley

The ribbon action i got from her is CU smiley


Since we are talking ribbons here anyway.... I have this pesky deviation that just HAS to know how you make this yourself, without someone else's action... Anyone here have a clue on how to make curly ribbons?

There is a third-party filter called Av Bros. Page Curl. However, it is not free. There is a free demo on the Av Bros. site here

I do have some PSP scripts that will make these curly ribbons. And they amaze me because they have the ribbon cut up into sections so that the proper shading and highlighting can be added.

The two curly ribbons I added for the June Designer Challenge I made using Av Bros. Page Curl. It is confusing for me to use and pretty much hit or miss as I just keep fiddling with the sliders until I finally achieve what I want. If you do a google search, you will be able to find some tutorials for this filter.

wait whoa!? scripts!??? o my i just discovered actions!! ha! yeah i'd like to know how to curl ribbon also.. the Av bros i know is not free.

oh ladies!!!!! a new action!! out from coffeeshop blog!! it's free!

in fact i scrolled through and i found all these links in her blog!

Thanks for sharing this. I not only downloaded this action but quite a few others.


Thanks for sharing all these links and the info. A bit overwhelming as I'm a newbie, but so much fun!