Anyone doing Photo-a-day? How to scrap?

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Anyone doing Photo-a-day? How to scrap?

Is anyone here doing the Fat Mum Slim photo-a-day challenge? In it, you are challenged to take one photo a day based on the daily theme. You can find it here. I started it on January 1 and other than a couple of days here and there (which I may go back and fill in, haven't decided yet), I've been keeping up. It's a really good way to force yourself to look at things a little differently. Also, it just forces you to take more pictures. I hope taking more pictures will help me take *better* pictures eventually.

If you are doing it, how are you planning to scrap your pics? Or if you've done it before, how did you do it? As we get closer to the end of the month, I've been contemplating how to do it. I'm thinking generally of doing a two-page layout of each month with the daily photos and themes; so that by the end of the year, I'd have a book ready to print. Does that sound feasible? What do you all think?

I am doing a project 365, but not Fat Mum Slim, I try but can't keep up with daily prompts. I am doint a weekly scrap and then putting those together for a monthly, but haven't figured my monthly layout yet.

I think I'm going with picking my favorite/best pics for each month and making a 1 or 2 page layout out of each month. I've already started playing around with ideas. Hopefully will get it together by month's end.

I've added a couple of elements to mine, since I'm doing the photos on the blog. I have other books that I am trying to get finished up before birthday season begins, so we will see how all of this pans out!

I am doing my 365 by the month this year. The last two years, I have done one photo a day and scrapped them by the week. This year it is still one photo a day, but with scapping them with a month, I have a lot more freedom ( don't have to get all 7 photo on one page!). I hadn't heard of Fat Mum Slim photo-a-day challenge, but am going to go check it out. Sounds interesting.

I just read the article through Joyce and it really sounds like fun. I may try it. (She also has some fantastic sounding recipes!)

I've been thinking of trying a photo challenge, but I don't think I can do a photo a day. There just isn't enough going on in my life to take that many photos. smiley My cat & dog are sick of getting their picture taken. My one kitty who's gone now would walk around me with her eyes squinted up because I was taking so many pictures of her with the flash when I got my camera. I took 3 pictures for this month, and I think that's about my limit for scrapping. If I get a better camera, I may do more. smiley

I tried doing Photo a Day and am keeping up okay, I just run out of things to take photos though I'm finding there to be a lot of good challenges online. I scrap my weekly photos once a week usually. There are a lot of good 7 photo templates out there...I also made a set of 30 day templates for for when I get behind in scrapping or want to showcase the entire month on one page.

@Chelle, could you share those template links? I seem to struggle sometimes with my weekly layouts. THanks!

I'm totally digging the calendar-view!!

I am doing the Fat Mum Slim challenge, been doing it for a couple of months and absolutely love it!
I am planning of doing a year book with two or three layouts for each month, so I will end up with a 30-40 page book smiley

Posted my two May 2013 layouts in my gallery

I want to start my one a day when I turn 30 (October). My first year in my thirties scrapbook kind of thing. I have failed with a lot of challenges and this one I decided to start then so I can get myself excited for it.