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Travel maps online

Hey everyone,

I am making a travel journal and have been looking for a place where I can eg input country, start and end destinations and get a map with the route marked out with all the stopping places as well.
I know iPhoto (I think) on the mac has this functionality when you make a photo album directly in the program but I haven't been able to find any online.

Or maybe someone has a good idea for how I can solve the issue in a different way. I don't mind it not being digital as the travel journal will be mixed media anyway.

Thank you all!

Have you considered whether Google Maps may provide an answer?

We use Google Maps to plan many of our road trips when holiday planning - if you use the "Get Directions" boxes you can plot out a multi-stop journey. The only problem with this approach is that the only way I know how to get the image off the screen is to use something like the Windows Snipping Tool and that probably results in a poor image resolution.

I use Google maps all the time to plan trips. Use a start address and an end address and you will see a line that plots your trip.
I use MsWord to take a screen clipping of the map. You can than click on the image and copy and paste to any program that edits pictures.
After thaking the first screen clipping, than zoom into any portion you want and take more screen clippings. Even if available a screen shot of the actural area. This comes in handy when researching family history and I want to view the area where someone came from and get a close up view of the town or house.

I have always used

I often use and take a screen shot for my layouts.

There are some creative map generators on the internet:

MapBox You can color the maps and add costum markers.

Watercolor Map You can convert the maps to watercolor, it's pretty cool. But you can't add a route.. It will look like this:

That watercolor map is cool! Will have to give it a try.

Oh these are fantastic, I can see a lot of time spent messing with these.

The watercolor map site is really cool. Thanks!