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@Dae: so sorry about your grandmother. But really happy to read that you made your own wedding dress in her memory. I am sure she is out there somewhere, saw your dress and smiled smiley
Hope you get a good night's sleep soon.

That is so sweet! Thank you! smiley

I took art classes when I was 10 and the lady that gave the classes also gave fashion design classes and I joined too. I enjoyed it so much. Stopped when I started High School - sport and studying and friends kept me busy. The bug bit me again a few years ago and my mom surprised me with a sewing machine for Christmas. Anyway, a couple of weeks ago I stumbled onto a site where you can download free patterns. I got a cape and made it out of black fleece - so nice and warm. Check out the site if you interested.

I remember trying to use my mom's treadle sewing machine. A disaster. I bought a little Singer portable with my high school graduation money. My favorite projects were toys. I loved to sew toys for my little ones and they still think of those as what they most looked forward to at Christmas.

On the other hand, I had to sew for myself because I was tall and couldn't buy clothes that were long enough. I hated that part of sewing. I never knew if I would like it until I finished and tried it on. Remember once staying up all night sewing a prom dress for one of my daughters. The pattern was her size and measurements but it turned out too small so she had to borrow a dress. The plus, she still remembers the love that made me stay up all night sewing.

It can be fun and it can be frustrating.

I can sew. I go in spurts. Some are very short spurts and some are a little longer. Last year I made Livi a purse out of a pair of her grandpa's old jeans and used a couple of different banners/flags, whatever they are, for the lining and outside embellishments on it. It turned out cute.... I think. LOL Years ago hubby wanted me to make him a suit and he picked out the fabric. I refused to make him pants with that fabric but I did make his suit jacket and me a matching long skirt. Made a cute skirt!! Anyone remember Pinky Lee?? And the jackets he wore? Here is a link to a site where you can buy a DVD, but that is just a thing, the image of Pinky Lee is what I want you to see. And thus you have Denny's jacket, burgundy and cream plaid.

Yes! It was an assumed skill in my family, along with trimming hair and canning food. I'm probably the worst amongst the grandchildren, but I can do just about everything. I use an electric brother, but if th power went out I could use my great-grandmother's treadle. I suppose I could techinically sew a full outfit by hand, but I'm not going to attempt it.
I forget sometimes that sewing is considered a fun thing now, and not a neccessity.

By the way, if you have a sewing stash --if it was mentioned I forgot smiley -- it's fun to scan the fabric. You can take a photo of yourself wearing the finished item (or holding it) and use the fabric scan as a background. I've done the same with pieces of clothing I wore in a photo, scanned a flat spot and used it as pattern paper.

I have a machine and learned a bit in Jr High, but I'm not patient enough for sewing. My skillset is not near the level of the things I would like to sew, so I don't set myself up for the frustration. However, this does not prevent me from pinning all sorts of sewing projects on Pinterest. A girl can dream, right. smiley

I would love to learn, It looks easy smiley

I like sewing! I made a lot of the boys clothes when they where younger. Nowadays I selldom get the sewingmachine out of the cupboard....

Sewing curtains now! Well, not this exact moment, but it's all spread out in my dining room. Sure came in handy for Halloween costumes! I actually taught my son before he got married so he could do minor seam repairs when necessary.

I love to quilt and make pillows but I'm horrible at making clothes!

Nope. But I do have a sewing machine. Its the threading up of it that gets in the way of my using it! I wish it was a doddle but its not for me so I don't have the patience

I'm neutral. It's a lengthy story but the shorten version of it is that I dislike dragging my sewing machine out. Also I enjoy paper sewing. A few of my non-scrapbooking pieces have stitching. smiley

I enjoy it, but I'm not a seamstress or anything. My machines (the good, old metal type!) are usually used for sewing on patched, fixing things, hemming, basic stuff like that. The most ambitious project I've ever done was my Senior Prom dress in high school. My mom and I took apart a blue velvet dress from the thrift store, and put it back together in a more "hip" pattern.
But I HATE patterns. I don't understand them at all. I prefer to sort of "wing it." smiley

I like the idea of sewing, but I quickly get frustrated with it, when things don't go as planned. Mom gave me a sewing machine when she got a new one, and I have yet to figure it out. That might be because I She offered for me to bring it back so she can teach me. I hope I eventually do that, because I love to create when I actually get ideas, and we need new curtains and what not. lol

I haven't done any sewing in ages... don't seem to have the time. I too have very fond memories of learning to sew on my mum's singer treadle sewing machine.

Sew you say, My idea of hell is being trapped and made to sew all day, so I guess my answers NO.
but I wish I could, I try but I just don't get anything right.

Love love love sewing. My grandmother was a wonderful artist and I take after her, my mother as well was an excellent seamstress. My first sewing machine was purchased with my first two paychecks. I am 5'9" tall and in the late 60's and 70's it meant I had to make most of my own clothes because nothing was long enough for me ... minis were micro micro minis on me. I also quilt and now design and create my own wall quilts, mostly landscape. I purchased a serger and a new machine at the same time in 2005 and I absolutely love the serger. I don't know what I did without it.

Susan: you are one of the creative people I just love! Amazing! Making their own clothes - I´m so impressed! Truly, I mean every word

Amazing! Making their own clothes .... Jennica ... it was self defence lol .... everything was too small on me otherwise. You would have loved my grandmother. She used to make us a lot of little dresses when my sister and I were young using little bits of fabric, lace etc and putting them all together like works of art. She even made my eldest son pajamas for Christmas, shortly before she passed in January... amazing woman