Can I use and colour Photoshop templates in GIMP

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Can I use and colour Photoshop templates in GIMP

I have downloaded some paper templates from Pixel Scrapper which were made in Photoshop. I don't have Photoshop but have been able to open the files in GIMP. One of the templates I downloaded was a plaid one and I have tried to colour the lines etc. using GIMP, but I can't seem to access the layers of the template to be able to colour each layer with a different colour, it's as if the template is all on one layer so I cannot colour say a whole line in one colour, it will only colour each part of the line until it connects to another line crossing it, which looks very messy and there are bits that I just cannot access to add colour to it.

Does anyone know if there is a way to colour and use PS paper templates in GIMP

Many thanks

@Linda: I don't know the answer to your question but I wonder if you did a search in like google or bing to see if there is a way to change/convert a psd file type to whatever the gimp file type is? Maybe something will come up to help you find the answer.
OR just maybe one of the few users of Gimp we have here will be see this post soon and be able to tell you how to do it if you can't find the answer in one of the search engines. smiley sorry I'm not able to be of more help to you sweetie!

@Linda - I have never used GIMP, but I found this, I don't quite know if it is what you are looking for, or if it works

Select "Windows" from the top menu bar, then "Dockable Dialogs" underneath that, and "Layers" from the window that pops to the side. The Layers dialog is on on the top of the floating panel that generally appears on the right if you have not moved it.
Click on a layer in the layer dialog to select it. Then you can edit that layer by using the tools in the toolbar or right click on the layer's name and select what you want to change from the menu that pops up.

Thanks for the reply, I will give this a go and get back and let anyone else know the outcome, and weather you can use and colour Photoshop templates in GIMP

Thanks, will certainly have a look and report back. I tried out what Dawn West advised but in the layers tab the whole template was grouped together, it's the breaking it down into individual layers so that I can colour each layer that I am having trouble with. I will let anyone else know the results of the links from Fran Moimoi.

Thanks girls

When I open a PS paper template in Gimp I find all layers separated as I would do in PS and I can colour every layer in a colour of my choise. Same thing with layout templates in psd-format.

Do you have the problem with all of your templates or is it only this one? I remember a post from Marisa where she reported issues with some templates, where the layers have been grouped together in PS and people that use PSE could not work with this templates. Maybe this is one of those templates and Gimp cannot break down the group like PSE.

that is totally right Anett... Linda, I never thought about that being the same issue with Gimp. I just figured it might not open any. It could also be that you may have downloaded a template that was called a template but technically just one layer... where she taught us a different way to colorize them too even in PSCS and PSE...
Let us know if like Anett asked if it's just one template specifically or all of them. smiley

Anett: ...I remember a post from Marisa where she reported issues with some templates, where the layers have been grouped together in PS and people that use PSE could not work with this template

Hi ladies, yes that's it, all the layers seem to be grouped, and not only on the one template, but on quite a few of them, but not all, where I have a striped template, that's quite easy to colour even if all the layers are grouped together, but with plaid templates, all the interruptions from the lines intersecting each other, it is not worth trying to colour. I am reading and watching a few tutorials re: using gimp to see if I can get around this problem, but as I'm quite new to graphics programs etc. I find it rather daunting and sometimes hard to understand the computer lingo. If I find a way around this, I will report back, but if anyone knows how to colour and break down the layers in Gimp, please let us know how to get around it. Some of the templates do have layers but in Gimp, each layer is represented by a colour, eg. layer 1 red, layer 2 blue, layer 3 green, and when I try to colour these separate layers to a colour of my choice, I seem not to be able to change it, even if I select pink and try to colour one layer in pink, if the designated colour for that layer is blue, it still colours it blue. Hopefully by playing around with Gimp I will be able to sort it out and report back. Thanks for all your support, Linda p.s. will try what Fran has suggested

Are you sure you activated the right dialog. If you say red, blue and green it may be you activated the dialog for channels and not for layers. Here is a screenshot from a plaid template opened in gimp, first with the layer-dialog opened, then with the channel-dialog opened.

...and if what Anett says doesn't work. It could very well be the templates aren't true layered psd's in the first place. If you let me know the exact templates you downloaded from here. I can download them myself and double check for you if they are indeed layered for me in psd or if they are flat, locked, or grouped.

So, when you get a chance leave either the exact name of them here or the link to the page you downloaded, and I'll check them out for you as soon as I can. smiley

Hi all! I think Marisa is already aware of the problem and she has set up a thread for reporting templates you have found with grouped layers. You can even win some extra DC reporting them (if you are the first to find them)! And I think (but I'm not sure, so don't hold me to this) she fixes the template and after that you can download them again. Her post is right here:

Thanks Mel!!! Right on top of things taking care of business as usual. smiley I can't wait until the search the forums is done... so I can find what I know I read in my old age previously. LoL

Hi girls, well I am so stupid, I have just realised what I've been doing wrong. I have been opening the j.peg image into gimp, instead of the psd file, so of course I would only have one flat image opening in the layer dialog channel. When I opened the psd file all the layers opened up as per the screen shots by Annette. I was wondering why all my templates were all opening up with just the one layer, so I thought it must be something I'm doing wrong. I probably would have gone on doing the same thing over and over so I'm glad I posed the question or I would still be bashing my head against the computer screen. Thanks for all the feedback. Linda

@Linda: LoL -- glad it was something simple smiley

Haha, Linda. Glad you figured out what the problem was!

I'm glad you figured it out! I haven't had time to post, but I use GIMP primarily, so if you have any other questions, I will be happy to help!