My first digiscrap page

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My first digiscrap page

Dear all

I have done some paper (which must be analogue smiley ) scrapping many years ago but found the clutter that paper scrapping creates annoys me.

I heard of digiscrap some time ago when considering how to put a travel journal/record together but I wasn't able to get my brain around what was exactly required until this past week.

I am now learning how to use Photoshop Elements and with a selection of photos and a some freebie elements from the net I have now produced this page.

The four photos on my page were all taken on our recent camping trip to Outback Queensland. A feature of all our camping trips is a camp oven roast dinner.

While this page is not as clever as the magnificent contributions others make to this site and I do have a lot to learn about using Photoshop and how to design nicely I wanted to acknowledge that I have obtained a lot of knowledge already from the contributors here and thank all of you very much.

Hey Jacinta, your page is beautiful! Love the journaling part - that you've written a few words of explanation.
Great work! I am looking forward to seeing more of your stuff.

Your page is beautiful and elegant. Great job!

It's a great page. Looks wonderful.

I think your first page is great, and I especially like how you use one of your photos in place of a background paper.

Nice layout. A great start.

@Jacinta. I flipped through and I think you're layouts are lovely. My first ones about 8 yrs ago didn't even compare to yours. smiley
I hear you about the "space" that traditional scrapping takes up. I actually have an 8x10 room just dedicated to my traditional paper scrapping.
I have some what they call tra-digi or hybrid layouts/projects... and then of course my digital layouts. My room includes all my crafts though. Scrapping, Quilting, Sewing, Home Decor projects, and my PC for Digital Scrapping.

Thanks for taking the time to share you're lovely work and if you go to this thread you can apply and request gallery permissions.
Here is the direct link to all things Gallery related for your quick acces, too. smiley
As soon as Marisa is online in the next several days I'm sure her and/or Jordan will grant you access to share your layouts here directly. You can earn more CP and in return more DC for each day as your numbers increase, plus we can all comment on your lovely work. smiley

Thank you everyone for your kind words and encouragement. Its Sunday evening here in Australia and I have had a lovely weekend messing about with freebies, layouts and PSE.

@Shawna, thanks so much for the heads up about the gallery, I will follow up on that. I was happy to post my first couple of layouts to Flickr anyway as I was still learning how to reduce the size of the files appropriately and I know what dreadful things can happen on forums if people post files that are waaaaay to big. smiley

cheers from Far North Queensland


Jacinta: You are so welcome! We're glad to have you here and let us know if you ever need help or direction with anything. smiley

Thanks for sharing, Jacinta, lovely to see your progress flipping through your pages. Looks like you had a great holiday (or two). Hope to see you around in the gallery!

Yay! Congrats! You're layouts look great. I love that font you used on the 'Cruising' page!

The pictures were great by themselves, then you made them even better.

Wow a lovely page and I can almost smell the smoke

Hi Jacinta, your page is great! I love the work around the photos: repeatition, photo treatment... Great job on your first one!

I think your first digi-scrap page is fantastic. Well done! Love the photo background, too! smiley