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Adding screen shots to Topic

Please can anyone tell me how to add a screen shot to a Forum topic, as I need to show a problem I'm having, I have taken screen shots of the problem but I don't know how to add them to my post.



Hi Linda! Sorry this has probably been frustrating to you. In order to post pictures to forum posts you need to have them loaded to a photo sharing site. Please refer to this forum post here that Jordan wrote about posting pictures in the forums.

Take your screen shot and paste it into a photo editing program. Crop it if need be. Save it as a jpg. Upload the to a photo sharing site. Copy the URL of the image. Now use the insert Image in the forum post. Paste the URL of the image here. Write your message and post.

Hi, thanks for the feedback. I am quite new to all this so will have a go and see how I get on. I have never used a photo sharing site, but Kaleena has given me a forum post on how to download a photo sharing site, so lets hope I can manage it. Thanks again all