Picasa Link instead of just Flickr

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Picasa Link instead of just Flickr

it would be great if I could link my picasa page on my profile...at the moment I used the "FLICKR URL" for inserting my Picasa Link.

(Did not find anything about it.)

That's a great idea Isa! I'm sure that it's ok what you've done for now. Maybe Jordan can just change it to: Flicker/Picasa smiley
Thanks for sharing your photo gallery with us!

That's fine to put your Picasa link in the Flickr field, Isa.

I guess the question is whether Picasa should be another field, in addition to Flickr, or whether the field should just be Flickr/Picasa as Shawna has suggested... any thoughts?

I guess there should be the chance for both...even if I definitely prefer the one over the other smiley.

They're both photo galleries. What about just changing it "Photo Gallery" with a generic icon?