Frustrating Father's Day Rant

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Frustrating Father's Day Rant

Today is the first father's day that my biological father is in the state. I live in Oklahoma, he lives in Cali. I met him for the first time when I was 17. Threw no fault of his own, I had no idea who he was until then. I thought the man who was raising me was my dad. And he is, my "dad" but I'm trying to build a relationship with my biological father too. He has family about 4 hours from here, and tries to come see everyone every few years. This year, he brought my biological sister, whom I've never met, and her 5 children. My sister and I only started talking two years ago, as she and I are both terribly shy.

I didn't know exactly when they would be here. Just that it would be sometime between now and July 4th. Well, they let me know last night that they are here. And only going to be here for a week this time, instead of 2 weeks.

My frustration is that I am flat broke right now. It frustrates me beyond words. I need and want to go down there and meet her for the first time, and visit with him, and it seems just out of reach. I'm scrambling, trying to get the money together so I can go down there. So if you pray, please pray that it falls into place for us. I'd really like to stop stressing, and just be able to go...

Praying for sure.

I pray that everything falls into place for you & you can visit with them - good luck!

I will keep you in my prayers April. You know there is no shame in telling him that you're a little tight right now. Maybe he can chip in or just come to your place so you wouldn't have to travel. Best wishes.

@April I feel so badly for you! I think that Elaine has a great idea! What can it hurt, you might be surprised and blessed by his kindness. I would start the conversation by saying that you are a bit tight and see his reaction. You could also first tell him that you are so excited to see both of them but you are not sure if you can get the funds together to go to them. I would let the conversation flow, if nothing else you you might be enlightened one way or the other.

I am very much a giver and tend to end up being a "doormat," specifically for one member of my family. Recently I was kind of hurt by something and have decided life is to short . I have decided I will not continue to be a doormat....and I have to tell you it is very freeing!

@April: I will pray for you too. I know how you feel, because, as we are almost always with counted coins, we have passed through situations like that some times. I hope you find a way to see them, show your love, and that you can have a great time.

Thank you ladies so so much!! Everything did in fact fall into place. Things I had listed on craigslist all sold and I was able to take my little family down to meet everyone. We stayed most of the week and had a fantastic time! My children got to meet their cousins, I got to meet my sister and my nieces and nephew, and we all made memories that will last a lifetime.

I also got a few great pics that will be in my layouts soon smiley

@April what a blessing, so glad it all worked out for you!

Yay! Great and good news!

Fantastic, April - I'm so happy for you! smiley

Just now seeing this. SO glad things worked out that your family could actually met and "start" some great family memories!

We are at a distance to almost all family now, and it's hard for us to see my husband's side. They never come see us, and so it's only up to us to get time off, and make the long trip. We're praying that we might be able to do so in July, but don't know. It's been a couple years, and we'd love to, but it's just hard for my husband to get any time off.

Please post a link here to your layout when you get one done, we'd love to see it!