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Search by point value

It would be amazing if we could search by point value. With 5 pts it would be great to see what is 2 pts for cu and what is 3 pts for cu. smiley

I agree with this as well. Though I've found that in general, most assets seem to be 2cu and most templates seem to be 3cu (in case this doesn't get chosen as one of the ways to filter assets/templates). That said, I haven't done a ton of digging yet. smiley

There's been a bit of discussion about this here. Since right now the pricing is pretty simple, I don't think this is high on our list of priorities.

All assets: 1 DC for PU, 2 DC for CU
All templates: 2 DC for PU, 3 DC for CU

Thanks Marisa! xoxox

By the way these point values are absolutely Very Generous! Love Ya! Beth