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photo forums?

Anyone here a member any photo forums? I subscribed to Clickinmoms a few years ago... best $50 a year i've ever spent! Lots of great information and friendly folks there... even for hobbyists!

I used to be REALLY active on the MPIX forum but since they changed their site it made it very difficult for new members to find and our regular group started to dwindle so we moved over to facebook and started our own private group so I am on that one daily.

oh thats cool Katie! i'm on a couple FB ones too, but most are local groups... its hard to keep up sometimes...

I follow Clickinmoms on FB, and have considered a membership. I didn't know if the membership was worth it, or even something I would use. Yours is the first random review I have seen, so maybe I'll take another look.

I was lucky enough to win a year subscription on Clickinmoms but have been really busy and not much time to spend. Love their blog full of a lot of information. With a new camera am hoping to visit there more often and hone my photography skills!

I LOVE Fred Miranda! Numerous pros frequent that site, and I have learned a ton from comments on other's photos. Sometimes the comments can be harsh, but SO useful. I am not brave enough yet to post my photos, but I visit several times a day, just to observe, learn, and get inspiration.

The People Forum is my hangout! Fred Miranda

I like Digital Camera World and Texas Chicks Blogs & Pics, though I'm not as active as I'd like to be in either. I also try to go to a local photo club when I can.

Check out Capture Your 365.

I find the group alot of fun and have learned much through the training Katrina also offers.

Thanks for the link!