DESIGNER: June 2013 - Make a Kit Challenge (week 3)

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@ Isa: I really like your papers, especially the last one with the cut out hearts!

Here is my Week 3:

Frees and solid paper

Vanessa, I used a badge template that I purchased a long time ago from Atomic Cupcake. They are no longer in business, which is so sad. They had the most awesome actions... I am lucky that I have quite a few of them.

Here is my free choice for the 18th:


@Chickie, I think I have that badge template from AC, and I've never used it! OMG, I am sooo gonna try it now! I have A LOT of AC actions and templates, and keep forgetting that I have them, lol:) Thanks for reminding me, and I LOVE your designs!!
@Isa, Your creativity astounds me everytime! You seem to always think outside the box and your designs are amazing!


19 Solid Paper

Thanks for the wonderful feedback ladies! There is some awesome stuff around and I need to learn still so much with Photoshop.


Here are my solids for the 19th:


Sheila, I know what you mean about forgetting about the AC actions. I have been using them a lot lately.. wish I could have gotten more before they closed up shop. I do have a lot also, but her actions were so great I would have loved to had them all. Too bad she does not try selling them on Etsy or something like that. She would not even have to create new actions, she had so many.

I started today at Week 1, so here are mine through this week! I'm participating in a blog train next month and theya re going towards that (that's the color palette I used)!

Week #1

Week #2

Week #3

20 Ribbons (some curly, some flat)

Here is my ribbon for the 20th:


Awesome work, everyone!

wow! really lovin' these, especially Isa! I'm behind due to work and uni exams, but will try to catch up this weekend.

Here are my fasteners for the 21st:


Hey, had some troubles with the ribbon...thanks to Marisa for her templates here...were not able to do it by myself...would need a tutorial on that smiley.


These fasteners are from a photo of mine.

These ones are based an a CU product from Amanda&Millie Designs and I used a style from HG DESIGNS.

Great Fasteners!

@Chickie: Those are super fun!

Thanks Marisa, I am having a lot of fun with my patriotic theme.

Great work Chickie and Isa!

Here is my week 3 part:

Thank you Vanessa!


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