What's your favorite food?

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What's your favorite food?

The PixelScrapper community is extremely diverse and that's one of my favorite things about this place. I love interacting with you ladies on a daily basis. Since we're from all different parts of the world I thought it would be interesting to share what our favorite foods were! I know I'm not the only one who loves food and cooking and I'm just enthralled with learning more about everyone's cultures and daily lives.

My favorite foods are: cheese, any kind of pizza, ALL kinds of foods like Thai/Indian/Greek/Chinese/Vietnamese, chess pie, shepherds pie, and I'm a huge sucker for chocolate!

What are your faves? I'm so excited to hear everyone's responses! smiley

What is chess pie?

How do you make shepherds pie? We like shepherds pie at our house but I am amazed at all the different ways I have seen it made (some of those ways sound absolutely repulsive to me).

I really love chocolate, milk, ice cream (but I HATE chocolate milk and chocolate ice cream... weird I know), cinnamon rolls, yogurt (I really miss being able to get a yogurt called froup - I may have spelled that wrong - that I fell in love with in Germany, dill pickles, turkey steaks, mountain man (similar to a true Spanish omelet not what most Americans think is a Spanish omelet) fresh Brigham City peaches.... I could keep going (because I love to eat HAHA) but I don't think anyone wants to read a list of my favorite foods for 20+ minutes.

Fruits and Veggies top my list with a few exceptions-like blueberries yuck. I've had to adjust my eating habits due to a health problem recently diagnosed so some of my favorite things like pasta and rice are now off limits. Love chocolate and raspberry combined. Home made chicken and dumplings and chicken pot pie...
Born and bred in Idaho potatoes are my staple food, even if it hurts to eat it!

Chess pie is a Southern dessert, it's kind of indescribable. It's almost like a custard but not really. It's absolutely divine!

My favorite fruit is strawberry; as main dish I really like rice (I guess I couldn´t live without) and pasta; as desert I´m really addicted to chocolate and things that can be made of it - which brings us to traditional food issue - have you heard of brazilian "brigadeiro"? It´s a desert with sweetened condensed milk, powder chocolate and butter. You make small balls and cover with chocolate flakes. It´s a traditional sweet thing of kid´s parties - and the most beloved one.

Wow, I found an accurare recipie for it in english. It´s here - there are others around, but this one is the traditional.

My town is a melting pot of races... but also of food. You can have any kind of food here if you have patience to look for/money to spend. I love almost all kinds of japanese food, specialy the ones made on most traditional places. I also like what I know by arab food, but I know it´s not traditional arab food... The traditional restaurants of this kind are expensive here. Love italian food and wine - last year my brother bought me to a traditional cantina on my b-day and it was really fun! Some of the brazilian traditional food I like, others I don´t.

Some people also say that my town has the best pizzas from the country, and one of the best in the world; my hubby and I eat pizza very often. There are so many kinds we like to tell only about one or two. Our most famous street foods are pastel, which can have different kinds of things inside - from meat to banana - and coxinha - for this one, I don´t know if the recipie is accurate, because I never made them myself. And I simply can´t find a true description for pastel, lol. Both of them we eat with catchup and mustard sauce.

Our most famous alcaholic beverage is cachaça - made from suggarcane but very different of rum - which we use to make our most famous drink - caipirinha; its made with lots of ice, cachaça and lime.

I promise it´s the last thing, but I just remembered it now - We use to call lime as Limão, so most people think it´s the US word for lemon. Lima (that some people think is a synonym for lime) is a kind of orange. Languages can be a REALLY confuse thing.

Lorien - I loved hearing about your local food. I am such a chicken when we visit a new culture. I do not like hot spicey things (and things always seem at least 3 times hotter to me than to normal people) and I have an intollerance to garlic so I generally play safe. If I had someone who could tell me what exactly was in it I'd have a go.

I love all fruit (except grapefruit which is only ok) and most veg, especially salad. I do not like seafood or pork (though I love bacon and some hams). I adore cheese. I think my favourite meal right now is chicken and red pepper fajitas (mildly spicey ones) with lots of salad and rice.

Brandi - you have my commiserations - I'd hate to lose rice and pasta.
Sharilynn - I need to go look up chess pie - I'm intrigued!
Kaleena - I make shepherds pie pretty much like Jamie Oliver - http://www.jamieshomecookingskills.com/recipe.php?title=shepherd-s-pie but without the celery or garlic (use more carrots) and I may well put beef rather than lamb.

Lórien, I feel pretty special - I have actually made and eaten brigadeiro! It is supper yummy.

Well living in New Mexico You have to love Mexican food. However I have "Gringo" mouth so don't like the hot. I love the flavor but only the mild ones. I like to eat foods from different cultures and Oriental is one of my favorites. I make stir-fries a lot. My favorite foods are fruits, vegetables and pasta. Being a diabetic I have switched to whole grain pasta and brown rice. Try to avoid sweets most of the time.

My hands down fav is lasagna but I just adore all the americanized italian foods! I just had my baby but while I was pregnant I would eat at least two slices of french toast every single day after the morning sickness passed! I also love just about any fruit and am a bit of a candy fiend smiley

I am learning a lot about food around the world in this topic. Of course, I need to google lots of things to know what exactly they are.

@Kaleena: Brigadeiro is the #1 food for PMS smiley Glad you also love it.

@Fran: Onion cakes! Never saw these, but I´d for sure love to try. If they look like pastel, they must be pastel, I guess. I couldn´t find a better description of pastel on the web, than that picture!

@Dae: I definitelly like lasagna too. But, for me and in my opinion, they are too complicated to make, with all those layers. So I prefer to eat lasagna at restaurants or in my mother in law house!

I forgot to add how I make shepherds pie! I know that American shepherds pie is completely different than the original UK/Irish dish since we use beef instead of lamb. When I was growing up it was a layer of beef, then corn, then mashed potatoes. I have my own twist on the dish. I add brown gravy or beef gravy to the beef and mix it before putting it in the pan, then mix regular corn and cream style corn for the corn layer and then add my amazingly delicious layer of light and fluffy mashed potatoes before putting it in the oven. I've seen all different kinds of recipes everywhere for it but this is my favorite.

@Kaleena & Lorien: Brigadeiro sounds incredible!!

@Dae: I loveeeee Italian food!

You're all making me hungry! I have a big sweet tooth, and I also really like to eat cheese. Also, I love spicy food. In Korea they serve this kind of soup called "Army Soup," which comes from during the Korean war when the Koreans would take the leftovers from the garbage of the American Army stationed there. Now you choose what random stuff you want to put in the soup (hot dogs, rice cakes, ramen, veggies, etc) and the broth is deliciously hot and spicy. I really miss that meal! See more here.

You made it Marisa, lol. Now I´ll look for a korean restaurant on the next time we go eating on the oriental district, to try this. Is there any curry involved?

Curry isn't too common in Korea. They have their own set of spices, if you've eaten kimchi, then you have an idea of how Korean food often tastes.

I loved anything my grandmother cooked. Now that she is in her mid-80's she no longer does any cooking. She never wrote down recipes or used cookbooks so we have to beg her to try to remember how to make certain dishes. Sometimes we just start making something in front of her (the wrong way) and she suddenly jumps up and starts doing it her way, as we stand behind and try to "guesstimate" what the heck she is doing. "Quick! Grab a pen and paper! Grandma's making torillas, bean, and her "special" rice. LOVE me a true spanish dinner!!

mmmmmmm kimchi smiley

What a lovely thread smiley
Well I really like Roasts. Roast Turkey or chicken, or pork with Crackling. YUMMO! Of course, it's best with all the trimmings, gravy, roast potatoes, roast carrot, peas, gravy, and you can't forget the apple sauce! I love apple sauce and icecream, apple and rhubarb pie with icecream, that's the best dish my nana makes.

I also really like seafood salad (with extender and prawns). I also LOVE anything with pineapple; pizza, fritters, Chinese is good, especially sweet n sour options and honey chicken. Hungry Jacks had an amazing burger last summer called the 'tropical whopper', which had bbq sauce, bacon and pineapple, as well as other whopper things. that was fantastic. I eat most things really, except sushi, vegemite, mustard, tuna, and brussel sprouts.

My nana used to make shepherds pie with mince meat and tomato sauce base, with veggies inside, topped with potato, herbs, tomato, cheese and pepper. she would run a fork over the top to make criss-cross patterns.

***Ressearching apple sauce recipies***

Do you eat it hot, cold or none of these? Is it sweet or bittersweet? Do you eat only as a desert or with meat as well?

Traditionally apple sauce is for roast pork, as a sweet sauce dressing, though it works well as a dessert. It's basically just boiled apples, drained, and then sugared and mashed, so it's fairly sweet. You can have it hot or cold, and here in Australia you usually buy it in jars, and can refrigerate or heat it up. with ice cream I prefer it heated, with roast it's fine either heated or room temperature.

Good to know Jess! There´s no apple sauce here, so I read your post and start thoughting on making it, as I can buy fresh apples pretty easy on Sunday´s market smiley

Everything! smiley especially chocolate, coffee and Tex-Mex! but yeah...everything!

@Jess & Lorien.....nothing better than applesauce and pork chops or roast!!!!

I can't lie, but my favorite food is Mexican food smiley following with Italian & Chinese! smiley I'm hungry now!!

I love to eat moose. As a roast or as a stew. Pulled Pork is another favourite. I also like Italian food. Since I´m a sweet tooth I like dessertss more than starters...

I've never had moose but I have had deer and I love it! Same with goose and duck. I was raised in a family of hunters and fishers so I've tried a lot of interesting things.

gotta admit that i love Mexican food, specially the one i make, lol smiley

I love Thai food - vegetarian, of course! We have a restaurant nearby that makes divine sesame tofu!

I like a variety of ethnic dishes... Italian, French, German, Austrian, Irish, Mexican, Asian. I got interested in trying food from different ethnic backgrounds after attending an International Food Festival in Boston when I was in high school (it was a field trip for students learning a foreign language). That later spurred me into wanting to learn how to make various (authentic) dishes based on my heritage. As a result, my kids aren't that picky when it comes to food - they enjoy trying new things... The only exception - my eldest will not let any seafood whatsoever pass his lips - not fish or even shellfish. Such a shame, too, because we lived in Maine for 10 years where lobster is plentiful & reasonably priced....and, boy, do I love "lobstah!" smiley

EVERYTHING! ...except... Brussel sprouts, olives and anchovies! ...blech blech blech!

Thai or Vietnamese

I love, love Ethiopian and Indian. I lived in an international community for nearly 30 years. Would enjoy sharing recipes.